No. of the Wise Men(Magous) from East

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hi all
does anyone know what was the No. of the Wise men ( Magous) who came from east and gave the 3 presents to Jesus???

there's an opinionwhich says that they weren't 3 as drawn in Pictures, they were drawn 3 because
1- They gave Jesus 3 gifts.
2- Others say that they had 3 Masters.

God be with you all.


  • none knows for sure how many where there, but we know that they are more than 2. In other words, 3 would be the minimum number of Magi (wisemen).
    I recently attended a meeting where abouna talked about the magi. I always wondered, where did they get the knowledge to expect a great king? or why would they leave thier land and follow that star? how did they know it was something important. It turns out that the Magi were people from Persia, Now Iran. During the time of captivity of Isreal, Daniel was made the head of the Magi (Magi is anther word for Magicitans). It was Daniel that taught them that Jesus was to be born and they knew to expect Him. thought I would share that contempaltion with my family
  • Does it really make a difference?...not really.

    The main thing to take home is that they came as a gentile witness to the birth of Emmanuel. Moreover, the presented the well noted gifts of: gold, frankincence, and myrrh. Thereby establishing His Reign, and solidifying the witness of the Nations to the New Kingdom.

    I believe His Holiness does not like the use "astrologers" to denote the Magi as in some translations of the Scriptures. I cannot appreciate that distinction, when one follows the full derivation of the word "magi". It seems to be in the same connotations.
  • hey guyss...speaking of the magi...i once heard a great wa3za on the presents they presented and how the frankencense represents Jesus being the High Priest as He offered the Ultimate sacrifice before God on our behalf...and about the Gold representing his Kingship as He is the Prince of Peace and furthermore how the Myrrh represented Him as the Savior, as the path to it was surely a very hard one to take. Just thinking about it......isnt it so amazing how Jesus really was our ALL IN ALL...

    Prophet: He prophecized
    Priest: He offered the Blameless Sacrifice
    Compassionate Teacher: He was Nuthing Less of This
    Great Preacher: Just ask the multitudes
    ....EVERYTHING...which just goes to show He is the Final One...the ending...the fulfillment of the prophecies...Jesus simply didn't leave any other gaps for anyone to fill...!!! :D
  • As a note, when speaking of Our Lord, it is good to give His due regard and title, rather than speaking of Him as "Jesus". I learned this from Fr. Angelos Doss of St. Mary and St. Demiana in Westchester County in New York.

    If we give titles plentifully to honor and elevate humans, then why do we deny it to Our Master? He is Worthy of much glorification. I think any dignified discussion of Our Lord requires this decorum. The use of proper dictum concerning Him allows us to appreciate His different roles in our lives and the respect that we have for the Son of the Almighty.

    I would like this to be carried forward and passed along on this site to show that we have a regard for the Son of God in the full sense. Respect begins with respect in use of language.

    I am sure that the uses are just an expression of the milieu, but we are Orthodox and we should be out of the milieu.
  • sorry...and thank you...I agree ...sumtimes i do just say Jesus....maybe I shouldnt... I suppose you're right..ill try.....
    p.s. sorry if it takes me sum time to get the hang of it...its sorta like referring to my mom as "7adretek"
    p.p.s. again thanx for the brotherly admonition
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