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Hey guys, im currently struggling with one of my uni courses that I need to graduate, im just not understanding it, no one in my class wants to help me and my prof practically speaks no english. Please pray for me everyone, im already behind in my studies and I dont want to fall more behind. There are also no tutors for this course so im going to have to do it all on my own with only 5 weeks left of school. I know God can do all things he's shown me this over and over. I just need prayers from everyone.

God Bless


  • The prayers of the saints  :)
  • Hi Meena. I will pray for you. Your situation also reminds me of a class that I had to take as an undergraduate. It was very difficult not because of a bad teacher, but because of a very dense and confusing textbook, which made it nearly impossible to do the assignments. A small group of 5-6 of us, who realized that individually we had no chance of understanding the material, committed ourselves to meet in a group every week to discuss the textbook and how it related to the assignment. Then we would do the assignment, as a group, with each person writing up his own paper individually (so that no one was "cheating" off of anyone else, we were all working together and then would write up the answers as we understood them). It really helped. Perhaps you could look into forming a similar study/work group for this course, if the instructor allows it? (We were lucky. Our instructor knew that the textbook was extremely difficult to understand; we were kind of stuck with it, since the author was one of the professors who basically founded the university's linguistics department! :))
  • Thanks JG and dzheremi, the problem is that no one wants to help me lol. Its a pretty small class, with the majority of people in there being indian or chinese, and they all have there own groups or friends. I do know one guy who is very helpful, but at the same time is also very busy and isnt that great at explaining things. I know I can do it, I just need Gods help.
  • May God open your mind and help you.

    This may sound elementary, but my FoC (an 83 year old man) still always tells me to read my Bible before I study and that God will help me.
  • I try reading the agpeya before I study, seems to help.. I think God wants something more from me though, and I hope I can find out what it is during this Holy fast
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