Blasphemy Laws in Islam - Amazing Video

edited December 1969 in Coptic Orthodox Church

I wanted to share with you this video of Shahbaz Bhatti  who was murdered for trying to change the Blasphemy laws in Pakistan. As you know, any mention against the prophet Mohammad is a crime punishable by death.

Many Christians have been put in tough positions concerning their faith and by simply saying that they are Christians and do not accept the prophet of Islam, they are seen as blaspheming against Islam by many Muslims.

Although this video is a brilliant display of courage and Christian example, it is also a reminder to us of what Islamic Law entails should it be implemented in Egypt.

Can you imagine if Egypt became an Islamic State with Sharia Law (as in Pakistan)?

A muslim could EASILY go up to a Christian, in the privacy of his own home, or with 2 witnesses, and ask that Christian "Hey, why aren't you muslim?".

If the Christian responds by saying "Well, I believe that Christ died for us on the cross" - this is a blasphemy against the Quran, and Mohammad who said otherwise.

If they say "well.. i don't particulary think that Mohammad, the prophet in Islam, was a real prophet, and therefore I'm a Christian or Atheist"  - this would be considered as blasphemy also.

Just read the case of Assia Bibi.

They have already murdered 2 politicians who have tried to challenge these blasphemy laws. But what is even more outrageous is that Pakistanis themselves - not even associated with the Taliban, want this poor woman to hang. They cannot find it in their hearts to forgive, nor give her a chance to explain what she said, nor do they want an apology. They want her to die.

If Sharia is implemented in Egypt, we'd be no different. Don't believe otherwise! Look at the story of Camilia Shehata and Wafaa Constantine. Over a FALSE RUMOUR that they had converted to islam, 1000's of muslims protested against our Church in Egypt, and even attacked us.

All they need is a rumour.


A priest's son imports fireworks for celebrating the Eid and even muslim festivals sparks off a rumour that the church is building a stockpile of weapons and an arsenal to create a civil war.

A photoshopped airbrushed picture of a priest's wife wearing a hijab sparks of rumours and protests that she has converted to Islam, and they trust more the picture than a video of her testifying that she has NEVER converted to Islam?

So if she has converted to Islam, where are the other photos of her wearing a hijab? There are 1000's of photos of her on the net yet only one wearing a hijab?

I really feel the urgency, more than ever, to ask for support to ensure that the voice of moderate Egyptians are heard in the formation of a new secular government in Egypt.


  • What will stop them? Nothing.

    They are in power through the military committee which seems to be sympathizing with their cause and it seems that the elections in September will be just a formal transfer of power.

    They are strongly supported by the US.

    They own the street and have the power to crush any opposition, by intimidation or by violence, if there is a need.

    They have financial resources beyond any imagination and they can and will buy the voices in the next election, if they have to. In a poor country, this usually happens.

    There is no single organized force that is nearly as powerful as they are in Egypt. It is a total state of anarchy for all political parties and government agencies. They are the sole bidder for this country. The only opposition was Mubarak, as corrupt as he was.

    The logical sequence of event is for them to take over .... the alternative has to be a miracle. It needs prayers. 

  • yes, i already posted this link in another thread:
    we need to pray and to oppose injustice.
    may God guide us.
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