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Summary of background info- St Gregory the Great
Describe the significance in the Catholic Church history
Explain how this person contributed to the development of the catholic church in history. What impact did they make?


  • how come no one responds to me, people have put assignment questions b4 nad they have been answered :(
  • Because everyone is busy assaulting and insulting other denominations and people. This forum has degenerated. I long for the old days. I am sorry, I am not good a source of information. I hope someone will be able to help you.

    good luck
  • Out of curiosity, who assigned you these questions? Is this part of Sunday school?

    I do not know anything about St. Gregory the Great. If I did I would help.

    Check out this resource though:
  • i go to catholic school0- thats why,, im not catholic, im coptic orthodox but yeah
  • I just Googled it and found tons of information. Try Google Scholar.
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