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Rather than keep bogging down tasbeha.org or my own local site, I have created a new blog where I will post news and reflections about our missionary activity.

Do please visit it and read what I am writing.

When I update it I will probably post a note here to say that there is more information.


God bless

Father Peter


  • Thank you Father!
  • Im actually very impressed with all of this.

    Well done Fr. Peter.
  • A new post has been addded to the Orthodox Mission blog describing a major new project to produce a comprehensive Enquirers Introduction Course entirely from the Oriental Orthodox perspective.

    Please visit the blog and read what we are doing and consider supporting our efforts.

  • We are developing a new Enquirers Course which you can find described here...


    And I think it needs a better name than, Orthodox Enquirers Introduction Course.

    Obviously there is the Protestant 'Alpha course', and there is something here in the UK some EO produced called 'The Way'.

    I am thinking of something with the word 'journey' in it perhaps. Journey towards Orthodoxy, Orthodox Journey, Introducing Orthodoxy, Understanding Orthodoxy. I am not sure. I wonder if anyone can think of some good names.

    Father Peter
  • This probably needs a brainstorming session!

    Father Peter, first I like much your missionary goals. The word journey seems very honest and correct indeed, it could discourage today's impatient people though because it may convey the idea of a rather lengthy trip.

    I have some preliminary ideas:
    - The Apostolic Road
    - Jesus Disciples
    - The Orthodox Path
    - Walking with Christ
    - The Road of Light
    - Staying with Jesus
    - Orthodox Disciples
    - The Living Truth
    - The True Faith
    - Apostolic Teaching
    - The Great Mission
    - Orthodoxy Revealed
    - Living with Christ
    - Live as Disciples

  • Orthodoxy: A Journey into the Living Truth

    Orthodoxy: A Journey into Ancient Christianity

    Becoming Orthodox: A Journey on the Apostolic Road

    Understanding Orthodoxy in a Journey of Faith

    Orthodox Journey: A Mission for the Believers

    Just as a combination of John_S2000's ideas ;)

    My favorite is:

    [quote author=John_S2000 link=topic=10790.msg131402#msg131402 date=1298407912]
    - Orthodoxy Revealed
  • I've noticed on more than one occasion that most liberal Christians are more attracted to Jesus's direct teachings than the specific teachings of a certain church.  I suppose if one present's Orthodoxy as being something along the lines of the "Unchanged and Uncorrupted Message of Christ" or "The Journey back to Original Christianity" he could win over the non-denominationals/liberal Protestants. Just an idea.
  • Relativism is a HUGE problem, from where I'm standing. Even my old Catholic friends, who you'd think would be the last ones to fall for such silliness, suddenly become very unsure of the existence of absolute truth when it comes to trying to get me to come back to Rome. "Why Orthodoxy's 'truth' instead of Rome? Both are apostolic, yet the Orthodox reject Rome! It seems like you can't know for sure, so why risk it?" (I know, I know...bite your tongues, please...I do...a lot...really, you stop feeling it after a while! ;))

    A name that would deal with this shockingly common, quasi-"enlightened" approach to Christianity would help gather any person who is sick of approaches to Christianity that don't call a spade a spade. I know that I'm one such person, and I can't believe that I'm the only one.

    "Orthodoxy: The Faith Once and For All Delivered"
    Along the lines of Gregory's suggestion: "Orthodoxy: The Faith of the Biblical Church" (all churches, no matter how new they are, want to claim to be inheritors of this, but only Orthodoxy is!)

    I have also known many people who have started out in some form of heterodox Christianity and initially became attracted to Orthodoxy through its mystical approach to the faith, only to convert after this initial attraction gave way to a craving for its deep theological wisdom. While I am not one such person (I always told myself while struggling to be Catholic that I wouldn't leave for something "pretty", even as newly Orthodox friends of mine rightly extolled the beauty of their liturgies), I think this might be a very, very rewarding aspect to pursue. In addition to capturing the attention of the many Evangelicals and Novus Ordo Catholics who are desperately searching for something deeper than their usual happy, clappy worship (as I was), it might also help to attract the "ex-Christian" neo-Muslims who were just so shocked and humbled to find a faith in which people behave reverently in worship, and hence leave the true religion that they do not understand for an untrue religion that they do not understand (the "Cat Stevens syndrome", if you will).

    "Becoming All Flame: An Introduction to the Orthodox Christian Faith"
    (A long title, but honestly, the sayings of the Desert Fathers probably did more to bring me here than anything. The more people are exposed to them, the better.)

    I don't know...the most important thing is the content, obviously, and from the plan I've seen on the blog, it looks great! If only I were in England to take advantage of it... :)
  • These are all great ideas and I'll reflect on them.

    I have also started work on another mission project which I describe on my blog..


    This is the project to create two roller banners and have them displayed in an empty shop window in the main street. I'd value ideas about what could go on either banner based on the project description on the blog.

    God bless

    Father Peter
  • Can you tell us how you plan to organize your roller banner? Is the theme "Mission Blogspot"? Are you looking to incorporate pictures?
  • I want to have two roller banners.

    Both will be quite graphical with photos, icons etc. something interesting to attract attention. 

    One will be about local Church information. Where we are, how to find us, when we have the Liturgy, how to find contact us. The other will be about Orthodoxy, what it is (original Christianity), how to find out more etc etc.

    The banners could then be reproduced and used by other BOC congregations, just changing the details for the local Church.

    Father Peter
  • That's the kind of thing a small group of people could do if they prayed about it ...
  • Yes, Aidan, that is true.

  • Don't forget to keep visiting my Coptic Orthodox Mission blog to see what I have added. There are new posts every day or so.

    God bless

  • Father Peter


    I've only managed 1500 words of my conversion story. I don't think I shall match 6000.

    How are the other converts doing?

  • It would be very helpful if people could see whether a link to my Orthodox Mission blog could be added to their Church website. The address is..


    At present I am ranked 11th on google.co.uk for the search term Orthodox Mission, and 30th on google.com. i would like the site to appear on the first page of both search engines so that our ministry, and our vision for Orthodox missionary work among British people can be more widely known.

    God bless each of you who are able to help by adding a link.

    Father Peter
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