Looking for an Arabic Tarneema: *Attention JohnS___2000

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I don't know the name, I heard it at an Egyptian festival one year, the refrain is "el sah hedashar" ... like the 11th hour something...

Does anyone know what I'm talking about? I would really appreciate a link where I could download the audio/mp3 file for it.

Thanks :).

John, I put your name because you usually have all the taraneem I'm looking for lol.


  • i LOVE that song.....the bet recording i have heard is one by Sater Mikhail. and thank God i foudn it here: http://tranem.arabchurch.com/s/satermichael/13863995.mp3
  • Yay!!! You know Mina, not only is this the song I was talking about, but this is the same exact recording I heard!

    Thank you so much Mina! I LOVE this tarneema too!!! :)

    Oh, and thanks for the great site too!
  • Great site, thnx!
  • That hymn sounds wonderful. Does anyone have the translation?
  • this is a really rough translation i just decided to do just now  :D

    At the eleventh hour He invited me,
    Like everyone, He granted me,
    Free salvation, He gave me,
    Oh my joy when He called me.

    1- I was busy with work,
    And truly i was lazy,
    And i didn't think about my salvation,
    Oh my joy when He called me.

    2- I thought it was still early,
    And I am in slumber and didn't know,
    But time was running,
    Oh my joy when He called me.

    3- Until it was the eleventh hour,
    And i was overtaken by evil,
    And i didn't know [the way],
    Oh my joy when He called me.

    4- The life passed away,
    Not one day i was at rest,
    being deprived of all joy,
    Oh my joy when He called me.

    5- Until He passed by me,
    My Savior and Redeemer,
    And told me, "Arise at this hour,"
    Oh my joy when He called me.

    6- This if the last hour,
    I will work in all zealously,
    Until the end of my path,
    Oh my joy when He called me.

    7- My Beloved promised me, Oh how splendid,
    "Serve Me and you'll be with Me,"
    And I will forget my tribulations and tiredness,
    Oh my joy when He called me.
  • Thanks Mina.

    userOO, I found another MP3 with a higher bit rate:

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