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Hello everyone,
As you may have heard George Ragheb (abouna Athanasious' son in southern cali.) was injured in a car accident. George is one of my best friends. I would like to organize a nationwide prayer meeting for George's recovery this Sunday. We will recite the midnight prayers at 6:30pm pacific time and at the end we will sing Psalm 150 as is done during the liturgy. This is very important to me and Abouna and the family. If you are interested in getting your church involved, please let me know my E-mail address is [email protected] Also, please ask the priest of your church to put his name on the alter during mass "GEORGE RAGHEB". And please pray for him, please...


  • Actually everyone this might happen on sunday night. Ill let you know. I need lots of help on this one guys...
  • Oh, I heard that too, God bless you for your efforts and may he recover soon. I'm in, 6:30 pacific time, is that California time? Sorry, I'm not too good with this time stuff, but yeah everybody, Peter Gergis has a very, very good point and we should all try to pray on Sunday.

    May God bless you and him and us all
  • [glow=red,2,300]In the Name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. The One True God. Amen[/glow]

    Ahooyah Peter.... Abouna's son, George Ragheb, will be in my prayers as well as my wife's and church's Divine Liturgy. Please keep us posted on Ahooyah George's progress. God bless him and his family in this very sad time.
  • Hi Everyone,
    I just want to thank everyone who prayed for George. George has now gone home, to our Lord. I have no doubt that he is with the angels and all the saints praising God. George's "Homecoming" will be this saturday. The Liturgy will be prayed begining at 8:00 AM at Archangle Michael in Annaheim California. Thanks, Peter
  • This is sad and happy news at the same time.... all his loved ones will miss him, but are happy he's safe...
    Well, he's much happier now... lucky guy...
    R.I.P George, and remember us infront of the Throne of God
  • I don't know who George is but I know for sure that he was loved by everyone who had the chance to know him..I don't know either anyone of the Armanious Family who have been maryterd in the name of Jesus Christ in New Jersey last week but, actually, Sylvia (Magnoona4llyf) had some good topics to present and discuss.
    It is GOD's will that all this should happen, so there is one thing that everyone knows for sure .. all of them are in a better place, in a better condition, praying for us without even asking them to do so because they know how much we suffer...they are happy and we should be happy for them because their sufferings on our earth has ended and they went home safely.
    GOD be with George's family and friends and also be with the family members and friends of the Armanious Family.
    May GOD rest all their souls in peace and be with us all.
  • my condolences,

    im so sorry

  • God rest his soul in the Paradise of joy in the region of the living forever, in the heavenly Jerausalem in that place along with the martyrs in the Name of Christ, the Armanious family...

    God Bless.

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