talking to the departed loved ones... is it orthodox?

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hello everyone!
i just want to know if it is possible for somebody to have visitations from her sister and talk to her after she has departed from among us, here on earth.
this is not a joke. i know somebody who is experiencing this and i wonder what i can make of it..


  • I would be weary of anything like this, not that is impossible but improbable. It could be a demon playing on her emotions.
  • but she says she is a christian, a protestant...
  • [quote author=lightening link=topic=10703.msg130591#msg130591 date=1297547231]
    but she says she is a christian, a protestant...

    being a christian does not stop a demon from attacking that person.
  • good point mina!!..
  • Read about St. Antony or St. Hermina, they were constantly attacked in this way.
  • so, is it right to consider that it is not possible to actually speak to the departed ones and whenever a visitation occurs an evil spirit is involved?
  • It would be best to assume so and seek the counsel of one's priest. It is not the sort of thing that should be judged on one's own. It is too dangerous. The same goes for any vision.
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