Why do we take Communion every week?

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How dangerous is it if we abstain from Communion for a period of time? What is the purpose of partaking in Communion every week? What's the difference between taking it once a week vs once a month? What's the difference between taking it everyday vs once a week? Would one become more holy?

Hermits partake of Communion once a year; I guess they turn out fine.. I mean, they're saints. How can they attain such spirituality while abstaining from the Eucharist?

Before someone says it, I am not complaining. I am just asking.


  • We are united with Christ in the eucharist. He gives himself to us. He washes away our sins. He strengthens us spiritually and heals us physically.

    To partake of the communion is the same as to receive food and drink. It is absolutely necessary to us and we waste away if we do not rely on it very often.

    Those most holy hermits are in a constant communion with Christ through prayer. We are not able to live in such a way. Therefore we must make the most of every opportunity God gives us to enter into union with Him.

    Father Peter
  • I agree completely with Father Peter, The Body and Blood of Christ is our spiritual manna. Just as our body is in constant need of food and drink, so also is our spirit in need of this food. IF possible, its best to take communion every chance you get, not simply once a week.

    Just like Father Peter said, hermits are in fact in constant communion with God, I don't want to say its not necessary for them as much us, but lets just say they are at a much higher spiritual level so they can last on this communion for a year sufficiently. I would not say one becomes more holy necessarily because you could be taking the communion while unworthy, in fact condemning yourself by doing so. But it definitely can't hurt to take it more than once a week.

    God Bless

    It is actually quite dangerous, for those with lower spiritual levels then hermits, to abstain from communion for long periods of time. The longer you are away from the Body and Blood of Christ, the more susceptible you become to spiritual diseases and the attacks of the enemy.
  • Another thing I've realized that brings it down to a practical level:

    Week 1: I can't go watch this movie because I'm taking communion tomorrow.

    The person then takes communion that week. However:

    Week 2: I have too much work and I won't be able to make it to church tomorrow.

    The person skips communion for that week.

    Week 3: I haven't taken communion in a couple of weeks, I can watch this movie.

    However, the person is able to go to church the following week, but:

    Week 4: I watched that movie last week, I can't take communion!

    Week 5: I haven't taken communion in a month, it's fine to go to this party.

    And so the cycle continues, and you can replace "movie" and "party" with anything. I haven't experienced this myself, but I've heard it a couple of times.
  • yes, it is vital. i think if you miss Holy Communion to go to the wedding or funeral of someone who is not Christian, so you can show love and support and also share your faith, i am sure God will bless you, like He blesses the hermits and other monks etc who live in the desert. and if you are living very far from a church, in order to share your life and faith with those who are ignorant, then, as long as you are going regularly (e.g. once a month) and spend your life in prayer, then again, that is ok.

    if you miss church because you are straightening your hair or watching television, that is laziness, and your spiritual life will probably decline and you will feel far from God.

    if you don't have to work, or everyone around you is Christian (so you don't need to spend much time spreading the faith) then you would have time to take it every day, and that would be great! i think that is how heaven feels like, that really fresh feeling and deep understanding of God that comes after a morning of fasting, meditation and then drinking from the living water that is the Body and Blood of our Lord. i think that is some kind of ideal, but we have to work, eat and provide food and shelter for our families and spread the faith (an important effect of having employment outside the house), so most of us can't have Holy Communion every day. i remember one week i had it 3 times coz i had some time off work, i was really smiley that week  :D
    however, if your heart yearns for this, God understands and will bless you.

    so for most people once a week is a good balance between life in heaven and life on earth.
    holiness is about more than this, though, as it is also about your attitudes and beliefs, and it comes through Holy Communion, lots of Bible study and prayer, submitting to your church leaders and civil authorities (as long as they don't forbid your religion) and loving your brothers, neighbours and enemies. it is also built on suffering, which the holy person endures patiently while praising God.
    may God guide us to the joy that comes from an ever closer union with Him, and pray for me too, as i have far to go.

    p.s. 2 more great replies were written as i was typing  :)
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