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How come I have a page on the LACopts site? Nothing on it though, Lol!

Father Peter


  • [quote author=Father Peter link=topic=10524.msg127882#msg127882 date=1295773102]
    How come I have a page on the LACopts site? Nothing on it though, Lol!

    Father Peter

    hehe....that's a good question.

    Maybe odsak know Fr. Moses Samaan...i think he is the developer of the site and he also one of the admins on
  • Why does it say Subdeacon Peter?
    Isn't it Fr. Peter?
  • Well I WAS a Subdeacon for many years.

    Father Peter
  • I think it is because they posted one of odsak's (sorry to copy mina's beloved term :)) articles about St. Severus which you wrote while you were still a subdeacon:

    I guess the system they use requires that a page is created for each author, because if you click on the link to your name in the article it takes you to the blank page you posted the link to.
  • Wow, wow, wow.
    When you became a priest, didn't you change your name?
    Why then does it say Subdeacon Peter, when that would be your priest name.
    BTW, why do they change names for priest? On what do they change the name?
    I mean how do they pick a name?
    God bless, and pray for me,
  • It is not of necessity that the name is changed, if the name is Christian.
  • Our church has received the blessing of getting 2 new priest:
    George- Abouna Mina
    Peter- Abouna Kyrollos
    I think Peter and George are Christian name.
    Our church Hegumen, Abouna Angelos was named Phillip.
    Our church's Abouna Paul was prieviously Anthony.
    Shall I go on?
    I thought that there was a reason in the rights of the church to change the first name.
  • My baptismal name is Theodore.

    I chose the name Peter when I was ordained.

    Also I can think of at least one Coptic priest whose name before ordination is the same as his name as a priest.

    Father Peter
  • Isn't there a symbolic meaning for changing the name of a priest?
    As if --- is dead and Fr.--- is born to take his place and rule over the church.
    This is what i have been told.
    Please correct me if I am wrong.
    God bless, Pray for me,
  • I think you are wrong. Priests are not rulers. They are fathers. And I know Coptic priests who have the same name as when they were a deacon.

    Father Peter
  • O.K then. Thanks for clairifying it.
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