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  • I asked my mother and I got a similar story to this:!/pages/Myrna-Nazzour-The-Miracle-of-Damascus/19188264205?v=info

    Since November 1982, a simple home in the Christian neighborhood of Soufanieh in Damascus, Syria, has been the centre of a series of remarkable supernatural phenomena, which continue happening to this day.

    Mary Kourbet Al-Akhras, known as Myrna, was born in Damascus in 1964. Myrna spent her childhood and adolescence between Beirut, Lebanon and Damascus at the rhythm of her family's traveling. And had a quite normal upbringing together with her two brothers and two sisters.

    In May 1982, 18 years old, Myrna married Nicolas Nazzour who she had known for some time, as her sister had married his brother. Nicolas was about twenty years older and due to the age difference Myrna's parents initially opposed their marriage, but soon gave in because of their daughter's resoluteness, who felt a "real admiration" for this man.

    Nicolas had recently returned to Syria, after having worked for some years in Saudi Arabia and Germany, where he had been a successful ladies hairstylist. He had accumulated some savings, which he invested in a high class restaurant at Lattakie on the coast. He later sold the restaurant at a loss as a result of what happened to his wife.

    Myrna belongs to the Greek-Melkite Catholic Church and Nicolas to the Antiochian Greek-Orthodox Church. They were both only moderately religious when they married.
    The newly wed couple moved to a modest tree-story house in the Christian neighbourhood of Damascus.

    It all begins

    On November 22, 1982, Myrna was praying at the bedside of her sister-in-law Layla, who was seriously ill. An Orthodox and a Moslem woman were praying along with her.

    Suddenly Myrna felt that her body was shivering as if some force was coming out from inside her. The Moslem woman, Mayada Kowzaly, then noticed a strange light radiating from Myrna's hands, and a moment after, an oily substance, which seemed to flow right out of her skin. Mayada shouted at her to look at her hands. But Myrna was utterly confused and couldn't comprehend what was happening or what to do. Mayada then quickly told her to put her hands on her sister-in-law. And to everyone's amazement and joy, the sick woman instantly felt better and after a while her illness miraculously disappeared altogether.

    In the evening Myrna was picked up by her husband, Nicolas. The women excitedly told him what had happened, but Nicolas was rather skeptical and didn't really know what to make of it. The phenomenon occurred again on November 25 and Myrna's mother was cured in the same manner.

    The miraculous icon

    On November 27, 1982, a three-inch tall picture of the Virgin Mary and Christ Child in a cheap plastic frame began exuding oil. It flowed out from the bottom of the image and onto the floor next to Nicolas and Myrna's bed. When oil also began appearing on Myrna's hands, Nicholas decided to call all his relatives to come and witness what was happening.

    Everyone came and they all began praying together. Within the first hour, four large dishes full of oil extruded from the Icon. Suddenly all sound began to disappear, like a vacuum, from Myrna's ears and soon she could hear nothing at all. She then heard a woman's soft voice, as if it came from inside a seashell, saying: "Do not be frightened. I am with you. Open the doors and do not deprive anyone from seeing me. Light a candle for me". Myrna thought she was imagining things and was afraid to tell anyone about the experience.

    Word soon spread and in these first days, thousands visited the Icon day and night. Among them were non-Christians, Moslems, Orthodox, and Catholics of every denomination. Many sick people were healed by the miraculous oil.

    There were times when people slept in the couple's bed for more than a week, leaving Nicolas and Myrna to rest on the floor or a sofa. And at one point they couldn't even get out of the house and had to pull some loose boards off the second floor wall to ask their neighbors to bring them some food.

    It became so chaotic that the police asked Nicolas if they should close off access to the house because of the large crowds. Although Nicolas wanted nothing more than to get rid of this annoyance, he remembered the message: "open the doors" and replied in a sarcastic voice: "Who ever opened the house will close it.".

    That's just the first miracle. This website: has a lot more information about further miracles with photos as well. The miracles were affirmed by both Catholic and Orthodox Syrian Bishops.
  • Dimyan,

    I am sorry that nobody bothered to reply you. Sometimes, you do not have to wait for people to say something.You see, most of the time a simple search on google would give you the answer that you are looking for. For example, for Myrna I found the following info:

    Name        meaning                             gender       origin  

    Myrna        Myrrh; Sweet Oil                 female      Arabic  
    Myrna       Tender                               female      Celtic  
    Myrna       Variant of Morna: Beloved      female      Gaelic  
    Smyrna      Myrrh                                male         Biblical  
    Smyrna      Myrrh                                female       Biblical  
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