Mobile-friendly version of the Tasbeha forums

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Hey guys,

I just found out that you can put ?wap ?wap2 or ?imode at the end of the tasbeha forum homepage URL to get a mobile friendly version of the site.

Also, if the admin wants to, he can install these plugins to make a mobile theme for when a mobile device accesses the site:


  • That's brilliant man. Very well done. But, nothing without disadvantages. You won't be able to colour the replies like I do to make them easier to spot in long threads and quotes or in Coptic (which is still unavailable anyway). Secondly there is no link that shows you you can mark all posts as read. Thirdly there are some Chinese or maybe Japanese, and don't ask me for the difference, letters next to some posts' titles and other icons don't appear well enough with me. By the way I'm using an android phone HTC not an iphone...
  • My Blackberry automatically defaults to the mobile view. I've been using it for quite a long time now. It has less functionality, but if I need to do something moderatorial I switch to Opera and use the full website.

    Father Peter
  • I still believe it would so handy and convenient if one of the moderators can spend a little bit of time on this to make it available for mobiles in general with no loss of functionality... any chance of that happening?
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