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I  hope some of you folks will find the attached link very useful:

It has 1800+ educational videos by topic,including:

-Organic Chemistry
-Cosmology and Astronomy
-Humanities & Other
-Test Prep :SAT Math ,GMAT,CAHSEE, IIT JEE,etc



  • Not the point: At first, I thought it was Coptic, "In the Name Academy". They even have a picture of a what looks like a Copt boy on the homepage.

    To the point: I quickly glanced at a few videos and I'm really impressed. Below each video, students have posted similar questions (from hw assignments), and they got quick, written out responses. This is like yahoo.answers and youtube in one site!

    I have already added it to my favorites. I'll be needing these tutorials very soon :)

    Thank you!
  • God bless your life, as you have saved mine!

    Pray for me,

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