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Hey guys,
I can't seem to be able to read orphadece's signature.
I have no problem viewing coptic hymns of using the powerpoint from St. geroge
but the signature thing is really ticking me off.
Is is my computer?


  • Hey Cyril97,

    It isn't your computer. The site used to have a coptic feature that Ophadace used to do the signature in Coptic, but somehow it got disabled. I don't see it anymore when I'm posting (It used to be there along with the other features while posting), so I think thats probably what happened.
  • Thanks.
    Does that mean that we can't post coptic anymore???
    That is weird considering this is a coptic orthodox forum.
    Can you or anyone else warn an administrator of the change and see what is happening?
    God bless, Pray for me,
  • DEar Cyril97,
    I did tell Maged about this is in a pm but it seems he has been too busy. It's wonderful you started a post about it. As anba Bola says there used to be an option with the key of life icon that you can press to apply to selected text and it converts it into Coptic. That's is unavailable for some reason. I hope the other moderators can see into this problem.
  • Me too. It is a shame that we can't write in coptic anymore.
  • Now, with the help of ebshoisnainan, I figured out how to rewrite in Coptic on this website. Simply put the words "font=CS Avva Shenouda" in square brackets, and write whatever you want... then finish by "/font" in square brackets again and the text inbetween becomes Coptic. I didn't want to do it now, otherwise it will edit my explanation in English.
    You can also edit your signatures this way
    oujai qen `P[C
  • I am just trying:
    Hey, it works.
    Why don't they make a button again?
    Anyways, once again for the viewers at home, the secret formula is:
    [move][ font=CS Avva Shenouda ] insert word here [ /font ][/move]
    Just without the spaces around the words
    God bless, Pray for me,
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