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So I was browsing St. Moses bookstore when I came across this link:

So my question is, how does a monk buy something online?? :/


  • With a credit card, or by COD.
  • [quote author=ilovesaintmark link=topic=10438.msg126827#msg126827 date=1294775665]
    With a credit card, or by COD.

    monks have credit cards?!?!?!
  • It's for the people that play "monk pretend" at home... like in the Tamav Erini movie.

    What's COD? Something Something Debit, I'm guessing.

    In all seriousness: I used to think monks lived in the inner-wilderness on stale bread and spring water without seeing a single human.. turns out I've been watching too many movies from the 4th century and reality is different.
    You should visit the abbey in Texas. Those monks are online 24/7. Want proof? Shoot one of them an email right now and record the time it takes them to respond. Less than 2:37 minutes (unless it's from me, then it's 2 years and 37 centuries). Guaranteed.
  • yea the only COD i know of is call of duty haha.

    but really? regularly use computers?
  • Yup, regularly.

    Google confirmed COD is Call of Duty. Maybe that's what he meant? Unless he was using another Aussie term to confuse all the Americans.
  • hey, like yr new pic, who is that?
  • Cash on Delivery.
  • 30$... not bad I think I might get one ;)
    Firstly, why and how did you get to that??? :P
    Second, why are the selling stuff like that online?
    I would say, to start a church but a monk head cover?
    Why are the selling a holy tablet (loh mokadas)?
    Are any of you planing to transform bread and wine to body and blood
    in your homes.................................................................... ???
    That really made me laugh...
    God bless, Pray for me,
  • Anba Karas :)

    Read his story (reply #6) and color his picture here:,10334.0.html
  • Hey Cyril97,

    I think they sell it, so small (very small) churches can get ahold of them. I don't think that it would be anointed with the mayroon (I think that is what it is annointed with) yet.

    I don't know if I can understand the monks head covering though. I'm sure there is some wisdom behind it (or at least I hope there is :)).
  • maybe its a souvenir??  ???
  • A monk head covering... a souvenir ???
    From what, when he was a monk... ;)
  • Ahahahha it gives you the opportunity to be a monk at home! Ahahah I will wear it and leave to a St. Anthony's monastery, I wonder if they would be able to catch me, they more likely will due to the lack of me having a beard, just kidding. The outfits are beautiful, so much history! God bless us all, please pray for me.
  • Lol we needed a monk's clothes for a play in church
  • Lol,
    can't you just get a simple black dress
    or make one. It is pretty easy.
    GB, PFM,
  • [quote author=AikotiEnsok link=topic=10438.msg126825#msg126825 date=1294774895]
    So I was browsing St. Moses bookstore when I came across this link:

    So my question is, how does a monk buy something online?? :/

    I know a few monks that dont live in monasteries and serve in small churches until they get a bigger congregation or HH sends a priest there.  That is probably for them?
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