Pray for my friend please

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He's coptic and goes to my uni. It was rare to find someone love God as much as he did, but he told me he's lately been drifting away from the church and its sacraments because of personal problems he finds hard repenting from. He told me he knows that the church is good, etc, but he just can't find it in his heart to turn back. It kind of makes me feel guilty for not being able to help him out as I'd like to, so pray for us both.


  • May God be with you and with your friend, always, and let his will be done.
  • may God guide u.
    u can help yr friend best when u r strong, so pray from the agpeya, study the Bible, be diligent in taking Holy Communion and seek out a mature, kind friend from church who u can discuss spiritual things with.
    u know yr friend is weak, so make an effort to (eg) watch saint movies with him, or study together one of baba shenouda's books. don't spend most of yr time with him playing computer games or shopping etc, he can do this with his friends who are not Christians. also take care what music u listen to together, if it's about the joys of fleeting romance, or if it's angry music, it will affect yr mood, so play uplifting Christian music.

    just a few practical tips, i don't know u or him, so they may not all be relevant.
  • May God help you and your friend Aiman. Amen.
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