Asaees Asaees Asaees!

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Anyone happen to know where to find the children CD, 'Asaees'?


  • OK TITL I hope you tell me this time!

    Which one, I mean performed by what chorale/group?
    Are you looking for the disk or a link? TIA

  • Lol, it's only one tape called Asaees by a group of kids who sing it. I'm not sure what they call themselves...
    I think the correct way to say it in Arabic is "Kasakees". 

    I'm looking for either a link or a CD.

    The first song on the CD goes:

    Asaees Asaees Asaees
    Asaees Asaees Asaees
    Asaees fih hakawee gameela
    Kan haka-halna Yasoua
    Yalla tallaloo ...something something..
    Hat as-habak yahko maak

    Ok, nevermind, I don't know how it goes..
  • That's it!! Thanks MINA!

    John_S2000 I give you 20 points for trying ;)
  • OK then! and thanks for the details.
    Hey, just 20 points?!

  • Total you can get is 21. Mina would complain if you both got the same score.
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