short prayer

Let me behold your mercy, Lord; give my heart cause to rejoice in you. Let me find you, whom I have sought with love and longing. Iam the one set upon by thieves, beaten, left half-dead upon Jericho's road. Come to my rescue, Good Samaritan!
I am the sheep that went astray; look for me , and bring me into your fold. I am the coin that was lost; search for me , and rejoice over me. Do with me as you will, that I may stay with you all my life, eternally praising you in the company of your saints. Amen


  • ;D :D ;) :)AMEN SISTA
  • to it may concern ..
    dear brothers and sisters in christ ..
    my name is marian iskander and i live in niagara falls , new york state .. today i was looking on this web to locate a church ! and i could not find my church !!! we do have a church @ buffalo region .. so plz try to add my church in there if any further questions plz email me back ..!!
    thanks in advance
    ur sister in christ ..
  • here is the link u can just fill out the info and they will add it
    Hope it helps,
    God Bless,
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