Martyrdom for Christmas

edited December 1969 in Coptic Orthodox Church
Hello everybody,

Okay, so martyrdom became a potential reality for a lot of Copts this Christmas, both inside and Outside Egypt. My Church was among those that were threatened, but we went to Christmas liturgy anyway of course. It was emptier than Christmas is normally. There were police everywhere and people standing at the doors, and getting in and out was a pain. This was necessary of course. During mass, I was thinking that it could be the last prayer of my life, and I started wondering whether I was prepared to meet God?

What do you need at the end of your life?

To have fulfilled your message? I don't even know what my message is.
fruits of the spirit? Love, longsuffering etc... I can barley stand my own brother when he's annoying...its not a secret...

What else do you need to be prepared? and how did you feel during Christmas mass?

I guess this is what the fathers mean by thinking about the end all the time :) God really gave us a wake-up call this Christmas. haha.


  • Your comments sound like a young man that came to Our Lord in question as to what he needs to achieve the Kingdom of God.

    The Lord's reply:

    1.  To Love God with all of your heart, with all of your mind, and with all of your soul.

    2.  To love your neighbor as yourself.

    In terms of my feelings:  a little anxiety, but not fear.  The anxiety was abated as soon as I entered the church.

    I think Abouna was anxious that the church would be empty.  It was his expectation.  He voiced it to me privately.  I told him that I expect the church to be full.  Despite the early end to the liturgy, the church was full.

    I was actually rushing to try to get to church from work.  I was afraid that they would start too early or that there would be a sealing of the church.

    You just keep the verse before you:  watch for you know not the day or time that the Son of Man is coming.
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