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Ok, So there is a facebook event that says we should wear BLACK to the christmas celebration.... I emailed the creator but he was very close minded and allot of people are starting to join this event....

There are multiple comments on the event wall trying to explain why this is wrong, but it doesn't seem to be enough.

Here is the event... Post on their wall or do something.... but this event isn't right



  • wow.... a bunch of you commented... the event is cancelled... thanks!
  • You're welcome.
  • Btw, did you read today's Gospel? It was so comforting :)
  • was lovely. Christmas eve's readings (it is past midnight in uk) were also lovely.
    u can find the readings in the drop-down menu under 'our faith'  :)
  • What difference does it make?  A lot of women are wearing black to look slim.  BTW, at least from my male perspective, it doesn't help.  It looks depressing to see black at baptisms, feasts, weddings, funerals, etc.  I do not think a statement will be made because it has become a norm to wear black.
  • Lol Abanoub, sorry I meant to comment earlier.

    I talked to the "creator" this morning and he has been thinking about it, and I told him to make sure Abouna D agrees with me to take it down, and he understood. It's taken care of  :)

    Tomorrow is the Feast of our Lord coming to us, we must rejoice! He didn't come to a happy earth, he came to one that was over-ridden with death. We must be be joyful at His coming to take death and sin away from us!

    Christ is born, let us glorify Him!
  • Hahah I called the almighty "creator" last night, and so did El me3allem el kibber..... But he ignored most of it....

    If i see black tomorrow I will start punching the "creator"
  • [quote author=Tishori link=topic=10389.msg126435#msg126435 date=1294281338]
    let us glorify Him!

    Hahah when I read that I had a pascha flash back


    Cya tomorrow
  • We don't have to wear black, we should be more sad that we are still on the earth and not with the reposed in Heaven. If any color you should be wearing white.
  • Seems like the page was taken down.

    Would a blue suit with a red tie be okay?

    What if it was a charcoal grey suit?  Would that be too dark?
  • Would a blue suit with a red tie be okay?

    With white pants.
  • atleast have a white heart, lol
  • Geo,

    I think I have polka dots on my heart.
  • LOL, I HAVE A RAINBOW from all the skittles. LOL
  • I snuck into ilovesaintmarks doctor's office and stole a cardiac MRI of his heart. This is what it looks like:

    I did the same with geomike and found this: http://rlv.zcache.com/80s_chunky_rainbow_heart_stickers-p217718477995160255qjcl_400.jpg
  • Why am I considered as spam? I got this message:

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