What do we wear tomorrow night?

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Eid clothes or normal Sunday attire?


  • actually it is a good question.
    i am planning to wear brown and cream (don't look good in black and white lol),

    we want to be sensitive that something bad has happened, but still celebrate our saviour's birth.
    i think somewhere in between full mourning and full make-up and highest heels/ sharpest tuxedo for the guys is in order.

    what does everyone else think?
  • I think we should rejoice regardless. Major feasts of the Lord "trump" if you will any occasion. If you recall, during the Holy 50, we are to never have a funeral in a mournful state, always joyful. We aren't mourning for the martyrs, we mourn for those who are still suffering on Earth due to this loss. We are happy for them since they have attained very high positions in heaven. I still believe we should rejoice and dress as we normally would on a feast, especially since through this feast all others were made possible and those who martyred are in the positions they are because of this Birth.
  • Suit and tie as usual.
  • Is that your usual Sunday clothes, feast clothes, or pajama clothes? What's usual?
  • Ideally, we are supposed to wear our best clothes while meeting the King of Kings, regardless of occasion(so if your best outfit is a suit and tie, then you should wear it to every liturgy) However, since people have become more lax, you don't see suit and ties except on the Holidays. So wear your best clothes tomorrow.
  • [quote author=TITL link=topic=10385.msg126384#msg126384 date=1294255724]
    Is that your usual Sunday clothes, feast clothes, or pajama clothes? What's usual?

    I believe what others are saying (and I agree) is usual feast/Eid clothes.
  • i agree with jydeacon. Jesus is first and we will celebrate His birth as normally regardless of any past events.
  • Suit and tie is usual for me for any liturgy, any vespers, any feast, etc.
  • Your answer does not count in this thread. That's cheating.
  • have upgraded to pale but colourful.
  • [quote author=ilovesaintmark link=topic=10385.msg126389#msg126389 date=1294259168]
    Suit and tie is usual for me for any liturgy, any vespers, any feast, etc.

    really.......thats weird lol, unless youre in egypt xD

    last year i dressed so formally only to realize no one dressed good and i felt outta place...now im just gonna go casual
  • I am surprised that Copts do not dress formally as a matter of course when attending the Liturgy?

    Is this a modern phenomena - dressing casually I mean?

    Father Peter
  • I missed you, Father Peter.
  • Suit and tie--always (with cufflinks).
  • Father Peter, I would say that it is modern phenomena that you don't find people dressed in suits and ties at every liturgy. The usually attire at least at my own is more business casual than anything else while the youth are more or less between casual and the latter.
  • Lazy and disrespectful.
  • Actually my family taught me that it's very respectful to attire oneself in the presence of the King of Kings but also that He will be content with seeing us in His House in any clothes. Maybe being born in Egypt, it could be considered snobbish of some to dress like that while others go in galabeyas and torn clothes. I don't have sisters, but I guess girls were also taught to wear simple stuff, rather than every week dress up formally as they would do on occasions. What do you all think? Oujai
  • I guess I would say that there is a difference between dressing simply and dressing casually because we don't care.

    When I was a young evangelical many of us dressed scruffy because we thought it made us cutting edge, but it was just disrespectful to God and the rest of the congregation.

    Most people in the West can afford one clean set of trousers and a shirt. Here in town we have cheap shops - that I use - which sell trousers and shirts for a few pounds.

    I don't think people should wear Armani, I don't think people should look at others and judge how they are dressed, but we should look at ourselves and ask if we have made the appropriate effort to meet the King of Kings. I do think that it is part of the responsibility of the priest to address this where it is necessary. I think there is a wide degree of latitude in what is appropriate but there are styles which are never appropriate. But it is the attitude of our heart which especially justifies or condemns us.

    I mean that a man who is going to a manual job but makes the effort to attend an early liturgy in his work clothes by necessity is one thing, while the young person who has no problem in obtaining and wearing smart and simple trousers and shirt, but decides to wear very expensive ripped jeans hanging off his backside so the congregation can see he is wearing Calvin Klein underwear, with a Death Metal T-Shirt is not dressed appropriately.

    In my last office job everyone wore a shirt and tie every day. It didn't have to be expensive but we had to dress in a certain manner, and we did.

    Father Peter
  • I think very very very very very rarely in the West is there someone in our community without proper clothes to be able to pull out of the closet.  There are plenty of reasonably priced clothes in regard to the price of some pairs of jeans and other clothing apparel.

    No one has an excuse if they are holding a cell phone at the same time as they are wearing sweat shirts and foul tee-shirts.
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