Fr. Lazarus El Anthony - A Monks life - A New Documentary

Hello ALL!

A blessed and happy new Year!

Here are 7 parts documentary on the Life of Fr Lazarus el Anthony ( from St Anthony's Monastery)

Part 1 - Monk's Life Eps 1 - CYC

Part 2 - Monk's Life Eps 2 - CYC

Part 3 -Monk's Life Eps 3 - CYC

Part 4- Monk's Life Eps 4 - CYC

Part 5 - Monk's Life Eps 5 - CYC

Part 6 - Monk's Life Eps 6 - CYC

Part 7 - Monk's Life Eps 7 - CYC


  • God bless you. Thank you :)
  • I may not have been paying enough attention, but which number does he talk about why he went to the Coptic Orthodox church? You remember he had the experience with the Theotokos in a Serbian church.

  • Fr. Lazarus fascinates me.

    I started watching the series.

    The Rock bass guitar intro was completely out of context relative to the calm that is pervaded in this man.

    Actually, I thought it was tacky.

    There are so many beautiful musical interludes.  Was heavy metal the only possibility?
  • Hey aidan,

    I don't think he talks about it. I remember watching the whole thing in being disappointed because I wanted to know why he went to the Coptic Church, and he didn't talk about it. I may also be wrong, but I don't think it was mentioned other then when Fr. Lazarus said he'd talk about it later.
  • Anba Bola,

    I just watched part 2, and he mentions that he had affinity for the Coptic Church because it had "very little, if any blood on its hands".  He voiced a disappointment and disdain for "the western hierarchical systems" and all of the violence that they sponsored.  He believed that the Western Churches sponsored many wars and persecution.  He liked the Coptic Church because of "its credibility".  "It was always the victim and not the persecutor."
  • hey ilovesaintmark,

    you're right he does talk about it earlier, but in the end of part 4 he says that he'd tell of why and how he switched to the Coptic Church, later.

    Thanks for reminding me though about what he said in part 2. I think this is basically why he had affinity for the Coptic Church.

    please pray for me
  • I am just awestruck by this man of God.

    All of the background music is extremely annoying.

    I'm hoping for another seven parts minus the terrible music.
  • I enjoyed his thoughts very much, but I agree the music is extremely distracting and not at all relevant.

    Nonetheless, thank you very much for sharing!
  • Thank you so much for sharing

    Fr. Lazarus is an amazing was delightful to watch. I hope there will be more to come soon. There is so much to learn from him.
  • I concur with all that was said.

    My favorite part was his feelings, emotions, and contemplation regarding the action of performing a matania.

    I learned a lot form the series. Thanks a lot for sharing.
  • TITL Thanks.May God bless you too my friend! I have sent a message to the Youtube uploader to thank him also.

  • I also watched this series and his perspective of life as metoinia is beautiful.  O to live the life of sweet repentance in the presence of God!  Another movie you all may enjoy is a Russian movie called "Ostrov," or, "The Island," in Russian.  It is subtitled to English and you can find it in 12 parts on youtube.  This is actually a film that depicts the monastic life and some of the things encountered that many people don't know about.  Truly, this movie brought tears to my eyes.
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