90 Days in Heaven

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Has anyone ever read it? (Don Piper, ghostwritten by Cecil Murphy). Very interesting read; it's about a man who was pronounced dead at the scene of a car accident and was brought back to life 90 minutes later through the prayers of a minister. During those 90 minutes, he (apparently) saw and experienced Heaven.

So my questions are:

a.) Has anyone read it? (I'm still in the process)
b.) Do you buy into it?


  • Jimmy,

    Didn't read.

    It is not credible.

    There was a recent thread about this book.
  • I read it.... it was a complete waste of my life..... honestly the heaven part was like 20 pages at best (and most of the stuff he described sounded highly inaccurate)

    the other 200 pages of the book are his amazing struggle to gain the use of his leg again.

    Avoid it.... spiritually it is useless
    Literature wise it was badly written.

  • Aw man,  bummer :/

    I had a feeling though. Something just seems off about it...what I particularly love is how it keeps saying "I get frustrated when I try to describe it because there's really no way to..." when the book is ghost written. So I shouldn't bother continuing?

    Thanks guys
  • I would not touch this book with a barge pole, nor any similar books.

    If one of my spiritual children said they were thinking of buying and reading it I would counsel them (actually firmly instruct them) not to do so.

    There is such a wealth of material to read and enjoy from our own tradition that it is not good to go elsewhere except for special and approved reasons.

    Father Peter
  • [quote author=ilovesaintmark link=topic=10256.msg125110#msg125110 date=1292986963]

    Didn't read.

    It is not credible.

    There was a recent thread about this book.

    Yeah here:
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