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Hi all,

I was wondering, what does 7/4 mean?
I was told, 7doxologies and 4 canticles.
I also have been told that there are only 6 doxologies.
Can anyone explain this thing to me?
God bless, Pray for me,



  • 7 theotokia's(and Psali's) and 4 Canticles
  • [quote author=jydeacon link=topic=10182.msg124424#msg124424 date=1292268726]
    7 theotokia's(and Psali's) and 4 Canticles

    just wanted to all "7 theotokia's(and Psali's--) and [b](arabic psalies, hymns, lobshes(sometimes) and commentaries (sometimes).
  • 7/4

    Sabaa wa arbaa, yesawee hedashar. 
  • What???
    English please...
    All i understand is seven/four (7/4) what is the other thing?
  • I thought it was khedashar?
  • Cyril,

    I was being funny.

    7 + 4 = 11

    It is the Arabic of that equation.

  • Ahhhh,
    I get it...
    Thanks for explaining it. I know that I killed the joke... ;)
    I always do...

  • Don't worry about it.  I resurrected the joke.
  • After 3 days... i mean dozen minutes

  • [quote author=ilovesaintmark link=topic=10182.msg124437#msg124437 date=1292270579]

    I was being funny.

    7 + 4 = 11

    It is the Arabic of that equation.

    7/4 is a division problem not addition! :P
  • No it ain't. You have 7 theotokias and 4 hooses.. not 7 theotokias divided by 4 hooses dummy :P
  • 7 theotokia's (praises to the virgin) and 4 hoos' (praises)
  • jshoukry, would that be a john shoukry by any chance!? I hope your as awesome as that name ! ahha
  • Hi Cyril97,

    I will tell you my understanding of 7 & 4 Praises.

    Consider the ANNUAL Midnight Praise. In it, you say the 4 hoses and the Theotokia of the day (one Theotokia only). Now, during the month of Kiahk, you can do the same (4 hoses and the Theotokia of the day). You would do this every day of the week (Monday to Sunday).

    There is another way to do Midnight Praises in Kiahk. Because most churches don't pray the Midnight Praises on every day of the week, someone had an idea of doing one big Praise on Saturday night, where it combines the Theotokias of all 7 days of the week. So, the Sunday midnight Praises (done on Saturday night) has in it the 7 Theotokias of the week, in addition to the usual 4 hoses. Hence, the term 7 & 4.

    Of course, each Theotokia is preceded by Psalis and followed by a Lobsh (explanation) and several Arabic/English hymns.
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