Sunday Kiahk Tasbehat Asheya

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Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anybody knew what the order of the rites are for Tasbehat Asheya on Sundays during the Blessed Month of Kiahk. Is it like the Midnight Praises, with the explanations and everything after the Fourth Hoos, or something else? ??? Please answer if you can.

God Bless.

+ David Arida +


  • HI Davidarida,

    In regards to your question, you can download the Kiahk Psalmody presentation which includes the Tasbehat Asheya and Tasbeha on it.
    the link it the following:
    Hope this helps,

  • Hi Cyril,

    I already have the Presentations Menu downloaded from, but all they give is the Tasbehat Asheya on SATURDAYS during Kiahk. I want to know what it will be for Sundays.

    David Arida
  • Well then you are just being difficult...
    Just kidding. I have no idea.
    Maybe it is the same just replace the psali and theotokia with the ones on sunday.
    I am not sure though.
    God bless, Pray for me,

  • For Saturdays:

    for other days: you simply say everything in kiahk tune (in watos days). in the 4th hoos you can say alli el-asr. for the psali: you look in the kiahk psalmody and choose of the psalies of the specific day (even though the kiahk psalmody is put in the midnight tasbeha order, you still say the specific psalies that you say in midnight in vespers)
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