Spirtual Reformation and goals

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Selam everyone

I was wondering what were some good spirtual goals that one should have during this fast?What kind of (specific) things should i be doing, to make my fast more Godly?

I have been fasting from food but also i feel no change in my behaviors outside of prayer. I haven't been a profitable or fruitful servant, i haven't been horrible but at the same time i haven't been good. Like im barely getting by spirtually everyday, i feel like i should be doing more...

May God reveal His message through anyone who is willing to reply...and bless this Holy fast for us
Pray for me a sinner


  • I think it is important you consult your spiritual father. He will know what exercises will be most beneficial to you; he's like a personal trainer for your spiritual life  ;D

    There's a great book by H.H. on Fasting here.

  • I think one thing that's very important is associating your fasting with prayer, for fasting without prayer can be almost meaningless.
    Usually if you already do pray normally, fasting or not, we're usually told by our confession fathers to do something extra or more during the fast, such as matanias or whatever it is recommended. This way after the fast you would have grown more spiritually and also felt the feast of the Nativity when you break the fast and perhaps take a small break from the new spiritual exercise until we fast again for the great Lent.

    I talk out of hypocrisy (lol) so don't take my word for it... just my 2 lousy cents.

  • I think a simple goal would be to read the agpeya every morning or every night ( depending on your preference ) . I for one barely read the agpeya & therefore my foc constantly gives me "homework" lol . He assigns me psalms to read that way i can keep up & not bore myself . It is my goal to make it a priority this fast & not give up after the first week or so .  >:( The agypea is a powerful tool & i think it serves just as equal as any other spiritual book . so maybe you can try this , however , it does take a lot of determination & diligence .  ;D

    + Sister in Christ +
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