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Probably my biggest weakness (I might have ADD).. Any advice on staying focused on tasks, lectures, or even conversations? :p


  • If you need to be focused, put on your glasses.

    If you need to focus on something specific, look intently at something and get comfortable with features.

    If you need to focus on what someone is saying, write it down.

    If you need to focus on driving, follow sequences of scanning to keep from staring and wandering with your thoughts.
  • I wouldn't say this is a spiritual thing but hey, pray. lol It is a generic answer but it works wonders.

    On a more practical level, why not use a organizer or planner? Write down what you need to remember for hw assignments and take more detailed notes. If you have a smart phone use that to help you remember certain tasks or appointments. As for remember lectures or things for school as I said maybe take better notes or even record lectures. Im sure if you ask your professor they won't mind if you record them. Staying focused while studying just takes practice and understanding what distracts you. If its the computer stay off of it and that includes tasbeha lol. If its listening to music or Tv stay away from them while studying. Go to an environment that promotes it as well, like a library. Reading the Bible before studying always helps me stay focused and always helps me study.

    For obeying your parents: Instead of waiting to do the task and forget, do what they ask for immediately and if you can't jot down a note so that you can remember. Its really about understanding what distracts you and what helps you focus.

    Hope this helps
    Pray for me and my weakness
  • Wow. You guys are turbo fast.

    ilovesaintmark, I can follow sequences of scanning WHILE wondering with my thoughts.

    jydeacon, I have tried many times to use organizers/planners.. I only get excited to use them for about 3 days, then they're trash.

    Thank You :)
  • Maybe your mind is preoccupied with matters that are less significant? Are you bothered by something?

    If you don't like planners just keep the syllabus of the class with your notes and such. Most professors give you what is expected and what assignments you need from the first day of class.
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    I never forget school-related assignments. I have never missed an exam or homework assignment.

    I am not bothered by anything. I just get distracted easily and wander a lot.
  • Well, than thats the problem ;) being antisocial is not always a good thing. Why not become involved in school activities or be in contact with friends and such? You are probably forgetful because you are deeming already what the person is saying(if its not school related) unworthy of your attention. This isn't ADD if you had ADD you wouldn't focus in school either. You just need to give people the courtesy of your attention. If you make an effort to really listen to what they are saying instead of simply hearing them it can go along way.
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    If you make an effort to really listen to what they are saying instead of simply hearing them it can go along way.

    I do give people my attention. They misuse it. I zone them out.
  • Lol I'm sure you are a great person but a bit arrogant aren't we? If you are satisfied then whats the issue? You've gone in a circle. You said you have trouble focusing on things other than school. You just said you don't want friends and they abuse the attention you give them. Who else are you trying to focus with? If school is your priority and everything else is secondary and such, then again who exactly or what are you trying to focus on that you can't?
  • lol ilovesaintmark answered my question. I'm not asking for anything else.

    Thanks for your response jydeacon :) preciate it
  • [quote author=TITL link=topic=10148.msg124057#msg124057 date=1291856598]
    I do not have friends because I do not want friends. If I wanted friends, they would be standing by lines waiting for me to befriend them.

    I do not think friendship is important right now in (my) life. Friends are just added stress in one's life. A lot of people do not agree with me, however, I am very satisfied actually with my state.

    I was not always like this. I like being this way better.

    If you make an effort to really listen to what they are saying instead of simply hearing them it can go along way.

    I do give people my attention. They misuse it. I zone them out.

    Wow TITL! I think I am exactly like you... I don't have friends at uni, and I choose not to.

    But in my opinion, I found this to be somewhat dangerous in all aspects. Trust me, in the past I've researched why having friends is important whether they be Egyptians or not and how it's important to have friends in all your activities like church friends and non-church friends from school, uni or work. But there needs to be moderation on how you interact with these friends.

    And I very much agree with jydeacon... makes sense to me.

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    I do have friends, just not many from school.
  • [quote author=TITL link=topic=10148.msg124089#msg124089 date=1291858945]
    I do have friends, just not from school. Non-Coptic folks make lousy friends. They're a headache, stomachache and timeache.

    Yes, same here... But I still think it's important.

    One thing I've learnt is that making friends at uni can really help you pass lol, some of them really save your butt! But if you can deal without that then you're good, but it's always risky to be alone.. it really helps you academically and socially, it will give you skills, and yes it will help the focusing issue. I don't know about you... but my goal for the coming academic year is to make some friends (as difficult as I find this task to be) because there are no Copts at my uni which really sucks, it makes me hate my life (:
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    Quality is better than quantity, Mikhail. I have 3 really good friends. I do not ask for more. I hope you too find that having a "list" of friends is not a necessity or achievement in College. 1 is better than 100.
  • You are right TITL, quality is better than quantity. But unless you plan on living as a nun or the work you will get into has no human interaction, you are gonna need to be more social. Especially when people are looking to hire or take a risk on giving you a job. Right now as a student it can work for you, being the lone ranger or lone wolf. But if you are thinking ahead nobody wants to hire the unsocial person, even if they are geniuses. Its very important to be well rounded instead of one dimensional.

    If what I'm saying doesn't apply to you then ignore it, but you need to think about why you don't want to interact with these people and why you are antisocial. If its because these people aren't the best examples or the best of friends then choose your friends more wisely. I feel that sometimes we are closed minded and say if they aren't coptic they aren't worth our time. This is wrong in my opinion because we are called to be the light of the world. How can you be a light to anyone when you aren't around anyone.

    I'm speaking from experience, take what I say for whatever its worth.
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