LOTS Of QUESTIONS- The liturgy

What is the significance of each of these:

a. Vespers- A chance for the congregation to repent, and remember their sins.
b. Matins-
c. Liturgy of the offertory
d. Liturgy of the Catechumens
e. Liturgy of the Believers

What are the 7 processions that rebellious the fall of Jericho?

What parts of the liturgy represent the following...

Our Lord Jesus falling on the ground while holding the cross going to Golgotha to be

The body of Jesus was brought down from cross, wrapped in a coffin and  put in the tomb.The resurrection and the Ascension of our Lord Jesus Christ

.  After lifting the Prosfarin, Abouna moves the covers around and ends up with his hands covered and the Chalice covered, explain the movements of the covers and it symbolic significance?


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