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Every time i go to click on a audio file to listen to, it goes from the pause button to the play button in like half a second without any audio. I go to click play again and it doesn't even change anymore....Then when i click refresh it takes an ETERNITY to refresh. In a matter of fact it does not even refresh it times out....thats how long i wait. Then when i try to switch websites it takes not even a second to get to another site, but when i type in back in it does not even load. Forcing me to close Mozilla and restart the whole process. I have not been able to listen to any audio files at all.... AND ON TOP OF THAT!! i am still having that posting problem where it tells me to re-post because i already posted within the last 60 seconds.....I dont think this website likes me

HELP?!?!? ???



  • Topic should be moved to technical issues but um, which browser are you using and which version to be exact?
  • At this point i have had enough of this website lol, so i will post this wherever my mouse takes me.......

    ummmm i am using Mozilla firefox version:....i have no clue
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