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Hi all,

I am trying to creat an agpeya app for andorid
but the program (Google AppInventor) keeps prompting me for and adb.exe
(Android Debug Bridge Extension). I can't get it
and I don't think I understand how to find it.
I don't have any additional components for it.
All I have is my phone and Google AppInventor.
I would really appreciate any help,
God bless and Pray for me,



  • Does anyone know how to help me?
    I would really wish to start this project but all I
    need it an answer to my question.
    ANYONE?? :'( ??? ???
  • well to get ADB files you will need to Root your android

    but there is already an agpeya App out, it's free!
  • Thanks for taking the time to reply to my post.
    I really appreciate it.
    Just one question. Do you have an android?
    I don't know about you but my agpeya app says coming soon for a few hours.
    You mentioned that I need to root my andoird but I don't think I know how.
    If you know how to help me or know anyone else who does know, please do.
    God bless you and Pray for me,

  • Yea the agpeya app is missing some :(

    but yea I have an android...

    Rootign a phone is

    1. Illegal

    2. dangerous if you do it wrong

    3. the process is different depending on your phone

    PM for more info on rooting it
  • whoa, so is rooting your phone the same as jailbreaking an ipod?
  • yea it's the android equivalent
  • I think it's odd that none of the Technical Topic posts appear on "Latest Discussions" Tasbeha homepage.

    Sorry for squeezing myself in this post. I felt my comment was worth the interruption. You may continue...
  • Tahnk you for your permission, TITL.
    abanoub2000, I e-mailled you a while ago...
    Did you get it?
    I clicked on your name, got your profile with your e-mail address.
    Is it correct?
    Thanks for your help,
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