Andeel (The Unction of the Sick) - القنديل

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  Order of the Liturgy    Not owner
  1st: Thanksgiving Prayer    Not owner
  1st: Psalm 50 (51) Nai nyi V] kata peknis] `nnai Not owner
  1st: The Supplications (Priest)l   Not owner
  1st: The Catholic Epistle Not owner
  1st-7th: The Litany of the Gospel    Not owner
  1st: The Psalm & Gospel   Not owner
  1st: The Five Short Litanies    Not owner
  1st: The Creed and Its Intro    Not owner
  1st: The Prayer   Not owner
  2nd: The Litany of the Travelers    Not owner
  2nd: The Pauline Epistle Not owner
  2nd: The Psalm & Gospel   Not owner
  2nd: The Prayer   Not owner
  3rd: The Litany of the Waters, Plants, Fruits
اوشية المياه، الزروع، الثمار
Not owner
  3rd: Pauline Epistle (Corinthians 12:28-13:8)   Not owner
  3rd: The Psalm and the Gospel (Psalms 37:1-2, Matthew 10:1-8)   Not owner
  3rd: The Prayer   Not owner
  4th: The litany of the Leader (King) Not owner
  4th: The Pauline Epistle (Romans 8:14-28)   Not owner
  4th: The Psalm and the Gospel (Psalms 50: 1-2, Luke 10: 1-9)   Not owner
  4th: The prayer   Not owner
  5th: The Litany of the Departed    Not owner
  5th: Ten-oo-osht and the Pauline Epistle (Galatians 2:16-20)   Not owner
  5th: The Psalm and the Gospel (Psalms 141: 7, John 14: 1-19)   Not owner
  5th: The prayer   Not owner
  6th: The Litany of the Oblations    Not owner
  6th: The Pauline Epistle (Colossians 3:12-17)   Not owner
  6th: The Psalm and the Gospel (Psalms 4:1, Luke 7:36-50)   Not owner
  6th: The prayer   Not owner
  7th: The litany of the Catechumens Not owner
  7th: The Pauline Epistle (Ephesians 6:10-18)   Not owner
  7th: The Psalm and the Gospel (Psalms 24: 17 & 18, Matthew 6:14-18)   Not owner
  7th: The prayer   Not owner
  7th: The Praise of the Angels    Not owner
  7th: Kerie Leison, Holy, holy, holy...    Not owner
  7th: The Conclusion    Not owner

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Memorial for HH Pope Shenouda

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