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  Liturgy Gospel Response
مرد انجيل القداس
  Not owner
  Doxology of St.Peter & St.Paul    Not owner
  Doxology For any Apostle    Not owner
Hiten nieu,y Not owner
  Praxis Response
مرد الإبركسيس
<ere na[oic `nio] Not owner
  Another Praxis Response
مرد إبركسيس آخر
<ere peniwt Petroc Not owner
  Psalm of the Liturgy
مزمور القداس
Nivyou`i cwcaji Not owner
  Gospel Ouoh etafmou] Not owner
  Gospel Response
مرد الإنجيل
Twbh `m`P[oic Not owner
  Gospel Response For any Apostle
مرد الإنجيل لأي رسول
Twbh `m`P[oic Not owner
  Aspasmos Adam
أسبسمس آدام
<ere peniwt Petroc Not owner
  Aspasmos Watos
أسبسمس واطس
<ere picyin`i Not owner

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Memorial for HH Pope Shenouda

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