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  • St.Georges & St.Joseph Coptic Orthodox Church MONTREAL, CANADA ;D
  • THANKS, didn't see it :-[
  • Well, I guess Jacobian put it in an EXCELLENT list! but basically whatever is said at Easter is also repeated for the 50 days. However, some of the communion hymns change since there is the transition to Ascension and then Pentecost, so therefore wh…
  • I would suggest for you to use one of those online bible where you can simply type key words and it will automatically search for the verse!! It will save you a LOT of time..unless someone knows exactely which verse you're talking about.
  • If you check the Audio/Hymns section and look under the Resurrection section, you should find everything there!!! :) Hope this helps
  • dany just don't tell about the many others with tattoos, cuz if it's a sin he'll get stoned :P (sorry ppl we happen to b good friends) :) :) :) aah i love yu danielll!!!! ::) ;D God bless you all and may He enlighten your minds with His divine wi…
    in Tattoo? Comment by kevin__marco May 2005
  • I guess you guys are right about many of these things mentionned above. But maybe some have had many life-saving miracles happen to them or maybe they have their own reasons for having a certain tattoo(s) on their bodies (this definitely does not in…
    in Tattoo? Comment by kevin__marco May 2005
  • Special prayers on behalf of everyone at St-Georges & St-Joseph Coptic Orthodox Church in Montreal!!! ;D We truly know the severtiy of the issue. May God bless everyone's efforts and may He multiply the fruits.
  • awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww how cuuuuteeeeeee :D..keep these good stories comin' people! ;D
  • very true..same here...however just to think of it i REALLY do miss the ''siam'' and sometimed tell myself why did it have to end so fast like that and just look back on how great the Lent was. and then comes leilat abu-ghalamsees SABE7OOOO MAGGED…
  • awwww!!!!! :) definitely a true sign of love and comfort from Jesus ;D rabbena ma3ak!
  • [quote author=JesusTa2 4life link=board=1;threadid=1416;start=0#msg23181 date=1112585360] If i can recall correctly, it is written in the book of Revelations that many false prophets will come teaching and making ''miracles'' claiming to be God, but…
  • It simply means use the talents that God gave you. As the parable of the talents in the Bible, we need to use these talents and make them multiply, and bring others closer to God, just as the man multiplied his talents, in order for our master to m…
  • hmmmm well if ur talkign about the hymn said during communion, then u can find it in media hymns audio annual congregation responses ibrahim ayad part 5 (look on the bottom of the page) hope it's the one
  • wow that's a beautiful icon. By the way, they did recover Goliath's skull. the head was 2 feet tall. The archeologists also found the rock in the forehead and knew that it's definitely Goliath. According to their calculations, Goliath was 12 feet ta…
  • this is all just INSANE!!! He came to save us not to marry n procreate...he PROCREATED by spreading his Holy Spirit to His disciples, who passed it down to many generations and now to us. Maybe it's a different meaning of procreation, bu definitely …
  • very good point. you can add whoever you want on your msn list, however try to remember the purpose or the reason for adding this guy to your list. if you know that your conversations will be useless, meaningless or simply take u off the christian t…
  • awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww RIP kiddo
  • AYAYAY DANY I THINK YOUUUUU ARE THE DISGRACE!!!!! (no im kidding guys he's from my church so dont worry no hard feelings) Aaanyhooo, simply said, they are BOTH equal people and God loves both sexes the same. However, one thing to look at is that G…
  • the other spiritual book to compare with ;D definitely ALL u need to know is in there. ;)
  • *****(((((ABU-SEFEIN)))))***** #1 definitely my favorite...we just have this connection, he made too many life-saving miracles for me...don't forget all you need is faith like a mustard seed. :)
  • what does any of this have to do with the Coptic Church? ??? :-\
  • Trust me guys, ITS NOT AS BAD as u think it is. I got my first ones when I was 16 and some others last year, and it's really not too bad. The needle simply goes in and out so fast that u don't really have time to feel it or anything. However don't d…
  • Someone once told me this, that to attain perfect JOY this is the little trick or rule to follow: J esus O thers Y ourself Hope this kinda clarifies what you want to know :-\
  • I recently heard that the priest's wife somehow agreed to convert to islam and even appreared on national television in Egypt confessing that she did convert. After that Pope Shenouda asked that the Christians fast for 3 days in order for the priest…