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  • hi :)  I will guess. 4- The glorious reward that was revealed to the persecuted and their faith in the Power of the Lord beside the martyrs of the church for them encouraged them to withstand martyrdom 5- St  Julius El-Akhfaksy with his two sons …
  • Hello and welcome Esamer90 from the Palestinian Eastern Orthodox Church :)   The cloths are generally square-like and they usually will have a cross on them or even some now have the Prayer before receiving Holy Communion and after.  When a person …
  • Here they are: Ishmael had twelve sons/princes. Genesis 25:16 Jacob had twelve sons. Genesis 35:22 There were twelve tribes of Israel. Genesis 49:28 After Moses led the children of Israel out of Egypt, In Elim they found twelve wells/fountains of wa…
    in Twelve Comment by stmina1 December 2012
  • Nofri Kuscho1  :)  ok i will try to answer some from any of the coptic hymns/Liturgies and their translation :) Hello= Nofri  as you said prayer  ~Nitovh, for pray~Procevstasthe  reference ( Prayer for the Gospel) another is evki( Intercessions hy…
  • I will begin,  Jacob/Israel had Twelve sons in the Book of Genesis :) and there were Twelve tribes of Israel in Exodus.
    in Twelve Comment by stmina1 December 2012
  • [coptic]Pi`
  • the churches i may usually go to in Jersey City,NJ is St.George and St. Shenouda Coptic Orthodox Church & St. Mark Coptic Orthodox Church :)