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Since today's interest is about Twelve, For fun and learning too, Where/when in the Holy Bible is Twelve referenced/mentioned? :)


  • I will begin,  Jacob/Israel had Twelve sons in the Book of Genesis :)
    and there were Twelve tribes of Israel in Exodus.
  • Here they are:
    Ishmael had twelve sons/princes. Genesis 25:16
    Jacob had twelve sons. Genesis 35:22
    There were twelve tribes of Israel. Genesis 49:28
    After Moses led the children of Israel out of Egypt,
    In Elim they found twelve wells/fountains of water. Exodus 15:27
    Twelve stones engraved on the breastplate of Aaron the high priest. Exodus 28:21
    Twelve rods were placed in the Tabernacle but only Aaron's rod budded forth. Numbers 17:6
    Twelve men were sent to spy on Jericho,but later they caused the Children of Israel to doubt, except for Joshua and Caleb. Numbers 13
    Joshua set up twelve stones in the middle of the Jordan River. Joshua 4:9
    King Manessah began to reign at twelve years old. 2 Kings 21:1
    Of course there are so many verses with 12 in the Old Testament
    In the New Testament
    A woman who was bleeding for twelve years was healed when she touched the hem of Jesus garment.
    Matthew 9:20
    Jesus had twelve disciples/apostles. Matthew 10:1
    In the Miracle of feeding 5,000 men plus women and children from five loaves and two fish, twelve baskets of leftover fragments remained! Matthew 14:20
    Jesus said Are there not twelve hours in the day? John 11:9
    When Peter trying to defend, cut off ear of the servant of the high priest, Jesus told him you don't think I can call on my Father to send me twelve legions(thousands) of angels! Matthew 26:53
    Finally in the Book of Revelations these were sealed on their forehead, Of each tribe twelve thousand were sealed. Revelation 7
    In the heavenly Jerusalem, there were twelve foundations, twelve pearl gates, and a tree of life bearing twelve manners of fruit.
    Revelation 21&22

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