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  • Thank you all for everything
  • St mary is the highest person in creation. She gave god to the world In the agpeya i really feel  that the focus is on the holy trinityand we ask the prayers of st mary and the saints as a intercession. we have als the Jesus prayer which is prayed w…
  • it was not possible to upload images from the book so i quoted the text 
  • And this is from a book of Pope Kyrillos The Daily LiturgyWith this enlightened spirit, Pope Kyrollos VI recognized the importance of a daily liturgy. He insisted on praying the Divine Liturgy and receiving Holy Communion daily, regardless of any …
  • This is a quote from Pope Shenouda from the book “On monastic life” How would a monk not lose the true value of Holy Communion even though he takes it daily? “Actually I do not feel comfortable when monks take holy communion daily because then it…
  • I have the orthodox study bible. But i am searching for something more extensive
  • It is getting better now thanks for the prayers and help.. If anyone has more advice i would appreciate that. Thanks to you all
    in i have sinned Comment by Augin May 2020
  • Brother i am also confused i dont think the temptation is beceause i am doing right but beaceause i gave birth to it.. i opened the door for temptation by watching sin images
    in i have sinned Comment by Augin May 2020
  • Now the demonic attack are very hard.. I becomes very very difficult to pray now.. every time i say the jesus prayer i get pornographig images in front of me.. i fight it but i cant escape... Please pray for me it is a very hard situation..
    in i have sinned Comment by Augin May 2020
  • I am praying the jesus prayer.. I am reading the bible and spiritual books. But it doesn’t help
    in i have sinned Comment by Augin May 2020
  • I listen a lot of church music it doesnt help. I still have no love and motivation for prayer and the bible
  • deacon is also one of the three ranks of the priesthood: deacon, priest, bishop. why are we not kissing the hand of a deacon?
  • read this
  • You are right.. But it is so weird that protestants (and some catholics) claim it is allowed
  • some claim.... oral sex is allowed Song of Solomon 8:1-2 “O that thou wert as my brother, that sucked the breasts of my mother! when I should find thee without, I would kiss thee; yea, I should not be despised. 2 I would lead thee, and bring thee in…