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  • Two years later.... Never joined. Now going through a divorce and bankruptcy so my life is in ruins. My faith really is in tatters.  We could not get through a ethnic barrier. We started to feel like tourists so we stopped going.  It was hard to alw…
  • I went to an Coptic church for a about two months. I could not get past the foreignness of it. The arabic, the feeling like the one round peg  in a sea of square holes. I wonder if I should of stuck it out, but I felt like I never going to be part o…
  • I never thought of the link of fasting and adam/eve. Thanks for that insight.
  • This is where it gets confusing to me. Do we just sleep? Wait in hades\sheol? Other?
  • Thank you I love this forum. you people here and just the absolute welcoming I have gotten from my Church here in Portland has let me know I made the right choices
  • Thank you so much. Every time i say that he refering to moses law i get well that just what catholics believe, like i only believe it cause i was catholic. Really annoying.
  • I know it is not what this forum is for, BUT  you got to be kidding, that is a muslim verse??? REALLY Now being from Germany I most be really blessed.
  • Thanks for sharing. It is very inspiring.
  • Thanks for the links and i will read the tome as soon as i am free. Also rony thanks for sharing about your thoughts and love for your church. Great hymn.
  • Do you have a link to those?
  • Great thanks for the links. Like i said it sounded odd. I like that the east is happy with mysteries and do not try to rationalize things. I will read over the links. Now by saying his humanity died but his divinity did not is that seperating natu…
  • Speaking of fiancee we had a long talk about it last night and diacussed the "from two natures" and "in two natures". She wants to go, when the wedding done. Praise to god.
  • So tonight was my first experienceTell you what going down there was a lot of nervous energy. I tend to suffer bouts of anxiety and this was bringing on a lot. Also being stuck in traffic in a down pour was not helping.I got to St Antonious orthodox…
  • I have no idea about this but here are some questions to cone to mine. Is this descent of angels the same as we in revolations? Was this before adam and eve? Who is the serpent invthe garden. I always been intreasted in demons and angels so this b…
  • thanks for the kind words I will update when i have some more experience on this.
  • In respone I am going to start going to a local coptic church. I feel like i need to start fresh i the oldest christian church i can. With that in mind not sure i can get older Coptic. It seems so free from politics and debates of schoolistic. 
  • I am someone who leftvthe cathokic church. I was a member of sspx, a very traditional catholic society. I constantly worried about the diriction the popes where taking. It scared me and sadden me to no end. I feel that the catholic church is an a in…
  • Thanks for the wonderful replies. It has been encouraging to say nothing the less. Sadly getting married in the coptic church is not posible. My fiancee and her family have put a lot of effort into the wedding and it would be too hard to change venu…