Why I am NOT Catholic



  • I am not Catholic because of Leo the "great." He is responsible for the schism and the beginning of an apostasy within the church as a whole. Also, he was either nestorian or theologically incompetent, or both.
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    I am going to start going to a local coptic church. I feel like i need to start fresh i the oldest christian church i can. With that in mind not sure i can get older Coptic. It seems so free from politics and debates of schoolistic. 
  • you will be very welcome.
    may God guide you
  • There are actually a three volume set of books that detail the patriarchs of the Coptic church starting with St Mark, in fact the liturgy of St Cyril was from St Marks liturgy. So yea, its pretty old, but to be honest most Orthodox churches can do the same in some way or the other.
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