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  • thank you. unfortunately that pdf doesnt have the prophecies but i see now that the lectionary now includes the propecies. it didnt on monday and tuesday. thanks!
  • these are really good, especially the first hour:…
  • there are currently over 1,200 sermons on the site and growing weekly so there is a wealth of information there as well as much more to be added. a version 2.0 is in the works which will have many more features but that is still quite a ways away so…
  • there are many sermons in the category below that deal specifically with fear.
    in Sermons Comment by geobish42 June 2008
  • listening to the following series on confession is very helpful. it was an entire retreat on this sacrament.
  • check out part 6 of this series:
  • why, i would say that site has about 99.999999% of every sermon ever recorded by fr. anthony. you wont find anything anywhere else without it being on first. trust me. God bless you.
  • i suggested listening to the following sermons: they help explain the depth of holy week and how to grow in it. i also recommend these sermons …
  • there is a great sermon below by anba youssef on the resurrection enactment at the link below: i highly recommend it for all.
  • A ton of sermons by Father Anthony Messeh amongst many others and they are all absolutely FREE!!
  • check out this new site, theres lots of great resources: i think its perfect for you. theres even categories for those just starting their spiritual life and if you want to learn about many other things.
  • also, you can find some in the downloads section at
  • You can find many of Fr. Anthony Messeh's sermons at (the on-line bookstore from St. Mark COC of Washington, DC). You can listen to some for free on and, God willing, we will be adding some soon to www.stmar…
  • I believe this is the book that you are talking about. It discusses spiritual readings and retreat. In Christ,
  • you can find them in arabic at the above website. at the top of the menu, there is a tab called agpeya. they are all there.
  • Sava, you can check this link below for church books. There are many other spiritual books and tons of audio material in the other categories. God bless