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  • There are few ones here:
  • "Exclusively" meaning they don't want to publish it online? Or it just happens? I am in  Egypt btw..  I'll try to contact them and see..  And if you ever find it please message me. Do you have that hard copy version?  Can you photograph the cover, a…
  • Hi Learning a language is never a bad idea..  it adds more to you..  as you can understand the culture, grab a whole lot of whats goin on in books, news, movies..  etc.   Also I think that the matter of fearing to hear some stuff you don't want in…
  • Here are some articles and introductions about the whole issue, in both Arabic and English..  hope you find something in it that helps:
  • St. Bishoy Coptic pic here: And St. Karas under the Kaf letter here:
  • The dots to shorten the link made the link not working..  I have edited the original post with the right links, so you can check them down [quote author=*Regretful+Sinner* link=topic=5984.msg79935#msg79935 date=1196648297] Look at this site it has…
  • available here also in 3 languages and audio:
  • Sure, that would be great.. and helpful for many.. could you please that show him/her this topic to share in this service.. Thanks
  • Anyone there?! ::)
  • I am glad you loved it :) If anyone has any other Coptic font that is not available at , E-mail it to the site, and it will be added to the list immediately, to serve all the Copts around the world.. Mike
  • it is available here also in three languages: Arabic, English & French:
  • Hi, Unfortunately, the link above is not valid anymore.. However, here is another link from St. Tekla Church homepage: Also if you hav…
  • you asked for the lyrics, here they are in Arabic:
  • Hi there.. All Coptic fonts are available here (about 50 fonts!!):
  • [quote author=christ_lover link=board=1;threadid=2892;start=0#msg44363 date=1134448474] i'm looking for short stories in the holy bible [/quote]
  • it is not written on any reference when she died.. it is just written in the Synaxarium that She died peacefully searving the Apostles.. so She might have died before St. Paul or something.. Mike
  • It is not a religious story if that what you mean.. It is just based upon the assumption that Jesus married St. Mary the Magdaline and their sons and daughters are still living!! And some group of a secret organization are saving this so-called s…