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  • also bush is against abortions...that is also on the side of christianity...
  • Congrats st george brooklyn college too :) for 1st place great job everyone who participated...hope it was a blessing for all!!!
  • about we just scream "tasbeha" right b4 we answer every question.... then we'll really confuse the judges lol :) looking forward to meetin you all :) Maryann
  • Here's another difference...the Virgin Mary in the Catholic church has what they call "Immaculate Conception"...this means that the Virgin Mary was sinless...born without original sin... Of course, we say that no one is without sin xept our Lord Je…
  • Hi Mike: It is very impressive how you immediately uploaded Anba Angaelos' lecture from last night. I would like to listen to it again...but can't play it on my computer...I keep getting an error message "link is not working,etc" thanks Maryann …
  • Hi Caro: This is a topic that has always interested me... Personally, I prefer to listen to the mass in arabic or coptic because that is the mass I grew up with (even though I was born and raised in NY) From previous discussions and experience, I…