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  • DUDE, Look up Sleep Paralysis!!! This happened to me several times and I have come to the conclusion it is some form of that. I hope that helps. C
  • Guys and Gals please forgive me for offending anyone that is not my intentions. I truly believe with all my heart that Saint Mary was a virgin all her life. I maybe worded it wrong. I needed some answers to help my friend and convince him that she w…
  • Amen. My priest said the same thing. I actually asked him this question in church the other day during bible study and he said to be a donor. Which I never knew but it makes sense, if you die of a sudden accident and your organs can save a life whic…
  • It is a tough sin to fight. That is why it requires baby steps. Believe it or not pornography is very bad it makes you think bad of women and it corrupts your mind. One exercise to start with is lie to yourself. When you feel your going to do it say…
  • I only have time to answer one question and I will get to the rest. Why doesn't God feed the sick. Here is my view point on this question that many fail to think about. God gave man free will. This world has enough money in it to take care of every …
  • Good point duck. I never thought if it that way. Anyone care to share, how they talk to the holy spirit and any personal experiences you can share or prayers that help you get closer to him? Thanks Pray for me.
  • I love Father Anthony Messeh. Do you happen to have the link for that series? That would help alot you can email it to me or post it here. Thanks Omelnour
  • Here is our slogan as christians!!! I Would rather live my life as if there was a GOD and find out there isn't a God than than to live my life as if there is no GOD and find out there is a GOD! ;)
  • Well put aad99. I love the comment about the rock. That makes perfect sense that a rock comes from earth and it can be used to build a house or kill someone. Thanks for your post.
  • You guys make alot of sense. I am not here to disagree with you, just looking for some support and verses and wisdom so that I may help my friends who are all on it. You know as well as I that marijuana is all over the place and is being used by mil…
  • Thanks for your help but what about cigarettes the government deems it legal to smoke yet it is more harmful to you than marijuana? Also please find those verses for me when you can. I know this will be the response of my friends and I just want to …
  • Why does the Icon have 12 diciples and not 11? Im confused, does anyone know?
  • You guys are awesome and fast may God Bless you many years! Thank you soooo much C
  • How come I cannot play the videos on the link? Anyone having the same problem it just keeps opening a text document.
  • I see alot of discussion on this topic, yet can anyone prove the theory of the different Gods all having the same birth date and similar life as Jesus false? I find it hard to believe that all these events happened similar to our lord and savior. Pr…
  • I dont know if its true or not but it makes alot of sense. I know the religon part doesnt make alot of sense to me. I would like Iqbals opinion on this matter if he is still around.
  • Does anyone have the lyrics to this song in english and arabic. I really like the song but I cant quiet understand the meaning. Thanks
  • Can anyone tell me how to get El-Keraza Magazine online? I would like to read it on a daily bases. Thanks in Advance c
  • Does anyone have the our father prayer song in arabic with the lyrics? That would be greatly appreciated.. By the way love the one in english princess mary. C
    in Songs Comment by topdawg June 2006
  • Thanks Princess Mary, Your awesome. I am not looking for any songs in particular, just more religous songs so I can start listening to them versus american music. c
    in an old tape Comment by topdawg June 2006
  • Hey Princess Mary, Thanks for sharing that song. Do you have the english "arabic" Lyrics, if that makes sense. Plus any other songs to share their great. God Bless C
    in an old tape Comment by topdawg June 2006
  • Than this brings another question to mind? If Jesus did not allow Mary to touch him due to her lack of faith, Why than did Jesus tell Thomas to touch his wounds to prove it was Him and Thomas doubted and had lack of faith.
  • Where can we see that video????
  • I believe it says it in the old testament when they tried to build a tower to reach heaven and God switched all there language so that they could not understand each other and they probably all separated from there and created different cultures and…
  • You know whats intresting, the definition on says this about monophysites: Mo·noph·y·site ( P ) Pronunciation Key (m-nf-st) n. Christianity An adherent of the doctrine that in the person of Jesus there was but a single, divine …
  • Iqbal, I guess my question would be if we are not in communion and we are ex-communicated than are we still in the right calling ourselves orthodox and being able to convert communion on the holy altar being that we are ex-communicated from the oth…
  • Iqbal, Do you have more information?
  • popekyrillos thats crazy im sorry to hear that. It goes to show you the problem that we are faced with even as christians.
  • I know this is a confusing subject yet at the same time I feel it is an important subject that we as copts should all be fully aware of, since this is our religon and life. Yet we should all know the truth on this matter and thats what I need everyo…
  • Its a little confusing but I really want to understand it?