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I stumbled on this video, and it's really making me doubt. Can you guys please answer the questions in this video. Thanks.


  • I only have time to answer one question and I will get to the rest. Why doesn't God feed the sick. Here is my view point on this question that many fail to think about. God gave man free will. This world has enough money in it to take care of every person in the world and there would not be any poverty. However man choses to not obey God which is give 10 percent of their income. Yeah some christians do or should but the whole world is not christian which in turn leaves many hungry. If everyone would obey God and not be greedy than everyone in this world would have the means necessary to get by without any poverty. I hope that helps. Pray for me.

  • For My thoughts are not your thoughts, Nor are your ways My ways,” says the LORD. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, So are My ways higher than your ways, And My thoughts than your thoughts. Isaiah 55:8.9

    It’s impossible to approach God by critical thinking or logical thinking, simply because our thinking is limited compared to the unlimited thinking of God. No matter how hard people try to understand His ways, they won’t even be close.

    It’s not that there aren’t answers for the 10 questions, but answers will be too long. If you choose the most challenging questions to you, it would be easier to answer.
  • lets take it one by one! as you might have seen, I like to take things logically...

    to start off, their buffing you up... right when you read this they're raising your pride so you would find it easy to be prideful and look lowly on the faith...

    1. why does God no heal amputees?!

    since we are in the fast of saint Mary... lets look in her story... when when saint Mary died the jews wanted to burn her body, and this one guy comes and takes hold of the coffin... where his hands came off... so they were?!... yes amputated! well now God allowed that... so what happened after that?! when he repented his arms became unamputated... we see this story during her feast...

    On their way, some of the Jews blocked the way in the face of the disciples to prevent the burial. One of them seized the coffin. His hands were separated from his body, and remained hanging until he believed and repented for his mischievous deed. With the prayers of the holy disciples, his hands were reattached to his body as they had been before.

    so God did do this before... you'd be surprised on what happened in our church, and we have NO clue about it! there are other stories by the way!

    so i will not go farther in this question, as we have already answered it

    2. why are there so many starving people in our world?!

    as it has been answered already... there will always be starvation as long as there are greedy men!

    3. why does God demand the death of many innocent people in the bible?!

    remember these were written five thousand years ago! then God had to be very strict... thus He made for them the law of the land... which we still follow till now... with the death penalty, death is not accepted today... but believe it or not, I agree with it one hundred percent... if you do wrong, here is the penalty for it... if you choose to do it, you will suffer the consequences!

    also remember God is amazing in His planning... He is the PERFECT planner after all!... lets look at the story of, again we are in her fast... saint Mary... what happened?! Joseph sought to kill her... because she was not a virgin to his knowledge... so this rule, tested the faith of saint Mary... and the faith of Joseph!

    I will not write much more... but you can seek these verses, and study the law of the old testment... you will understand many things!

    4. why does the bible contain so much anti-scientific nonsense?!
    God never said do not use science... but rather in our church, before they never used to say in the litany of the travelers, by "Air" yet when planes came along they added that... and on... and on...

    God did create six the world in six days!!! there are people who will go against the faith and go only with science... there was no day and light to know how long a day is or was with God... so how can we be the judges of that...

    again this question is invalid and incorrect, and also shows their lack of knowledge of the bible!

    5. why does God allow slavery?!
    it was for population reasons... and rich people had them... yet He told us not to treat them wrong... and the "smart" people who worked against slaver had slaves!

    forgive me I had to rush... and I couldn't finish the response... i will though... I just have to rush to church now... forgive me... I will be back and finish answering in more depth!

    akhadna el baraka... neshkor Allah!
  • 6. why do bad things happen to good people...
    what makes a good person a good person, if he or she are not put in bad situations and make it out?!

    I come and say i'm a good person, yet when God allows a problem to happen in my life, I stand against Him and tell Him "why?"
    “You speak as one of the foolish women speaks. Shall we indeed accept good from God, and shall we not accept adversity?”

    7. why didn't any of the miracles of Jesus leave any evidences...

    what about this... I love Saint Mary... so can you please explain how she appeared in from of millions of people in zaytoon?! and she's just a follower in the faith!

    again they didn't research well... they are opinionated in many of their questions...

    8. Jesus didn't appear to you?!
    He appeared to saint Bishoy... He appeared to TOO many saints... and not because He didn't appear to them, or to you does it mean He does not appear to all those who ask with a pure heart!

    for blessed are the pure in heart... not the ones that ask to gloat or the ones that ask for the sake of testing... for they shall see God!

    9. why eat His body and blood?!

    so He can come inside of you and you can behold him... if he wanted us to be cannibals then he would have us sacrifice a human or something.... but rather because He doesn't want us to be cannibals He the ALMIGHTY God transfers that bread and that wine to body and blood which we can take and eat!

    10. Christian divorce?
    guess what we are humans... as other people... same problems will befall on us, hence why there are troubles!

    and FYI... the rate of Christian divorce IS LESS than a normal non Christian... so they should have researched their statistics a bit better!

    before I thought we should do response videos... but you know what, its a waste of time with them... because they are not willing to listen to any point but their own!

    now can you explain how just mere followers of Christ were able to move a mountain... have their bodies not decaying?... having an amputated leg that can give enough blood for a blood transfusion? how can they appear in front of millions of Christians Muslims atheists... and they were able to see the figure of the saint?!  why don't they attack us here? but rather they are using lame things that has been heard too many times before!

    akhadna el baraka... neshkor Allah!
  • I've seen and heard many using such arguments as they try to rationalize their atheism. These arguments are very weak. The faithful Christian knows they derive from unfaithful anti Christian and generally anti God philosophy.

    Atheists try to propagate their atheism by using - guess what - college studies and science. Good Christians are not against knowledge or science, but they are indeed against false science because God created all things that science is trying to investigate.

    Intelligence, thought, invention, advanced communication and imagination are all products of and are attributes of our spiritual part - a so specially made component created and put inside us by our Creator - is unique to the human nature (featuring a body and a soul these were created with love and perfection) when compared to all other creatures.

    As for some of the "rational questions" here are few answers:

    1. God will surely heal all amputees and all the disabled. Those who believed in Christ know: when the dead will be raised during the event of the second coming of the Lord, God will re create a new good body for everyone, not our same vulnerable body but a whole new heavenly one. For the atheist and materialist this is irrational, but not so for the believers.

    2. Our greed and selfishness are to blame.

    3. If you believed in God you would understand that He is Holy, and how sin entered the world, how Satan controls evil since then (this includes human misfortunes), that evil must be fought and that God planed our Salvation by Jesus Christ who abolished our death worked out by Satan. His only begotten Son came through the people of Israel. These had to become holy and live in holiness, and that Christ came willing to save also all other non Israelite gentiles etc. That God will re create everything and all humans clean and anew and in order to do that He will dissolve and destroy all present elements and all biological life; that he is able, almighty and the fact that He owns everything. He has total Wisdom not like our limited human "reasoning".

    4. Non scientific? Do you know that a reasonable scientist using the scientific method would easily discredit Darwin, because he mislead his own mind (and unfortunately other scientists) by applying "his" theory about evolution wrongly: the birds (finches) he observed were all of the same species having just few variations, mainly in their beaks. He liked his idea and generalized it as a global evolution theory. This is not science - not rationally -  but we just studied it, just for the time being till it becomes rectified.

    Do you also know that the big bang theory could be wrong? The universe is accelerating not decelerating, and if ever it would decelerate to collapse one day it will not revert to the theoretical "pinpoint" thing (or the "nothing"!) but to a big inert static clump.

    Can you analyze this or rationalize that?  ;)

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