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  • thanks so much mina for understanding that i dont want to ruin her reputation because it would be damaging on her part. i will try your advice and hopefully it will work before more damage is done. thanks again. but i have one more question, what sh…
  • thats a good idea to go to a nursing home for the resurecction maybe the elderly will like to hear our native language so maybe do one in coptic pray for me, your brother in Christ Jonah
  • wow thanx ioannes i really think thats amazing. please mention my name (jonah youssef) in your prayers that i may become renewed in my orthodox faith your brother in Christ jonah
  • [quote author=Selah link=topic=9031.msg112548#msg112548 date=1269906505] Hey, Lets keep our food intake simple during Passion Week and keep the true focus on our spirit because our bodies don't last as long as our spirit, which lasts all eternity. …
  • [quote link=topic=9037.msg112566#msg112566 date=1269928300] being bored or not wanting to study, or just being stressed out lol [/quote] lol, same here, i procrastinate so much with food... and i have to study with food ne…
  • Hi, I eat alot too. I am not sure if it is a sin or not... Maybe its gluttony or something. I think it also depends on the reasons that we eat? Your brother in Christ, Jonah