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  • No he is not He was excommunicated and left Egypt...Now he is wearing out attire and he's working for the protestant church...he came to our city and all the protestants went to hear him and some priests in Canada refused to put up any advertisement…
  • Dear friends Greetings in the Lord Jesus Christ I just wanted to add that before we listen to any speaker we should look deep into his ministry...What is he promoting or what is he after? Fr. Zachariah is in the United States and preaches harsh word…
  • Ya guys he won 88% of the votes. But unfortunately only a quarter of Egypt voted. Anyway God bless him and Egypt. No matter what our country is, it is beautiful in the eyes of God "Blessed be Egypt, my people" God bless you all
  • The saint that wiped the Lord's face was st. Veronica
  • Here's one My granmother was on her way to the church (St tadros) and the church was in a village The roads were dark and no one was around. A bright white horse appeared with st. Tadros riding on it , led her to the church May his blessings be with…
  • If you guys think the story is amazing should hear about his miracles...they're fascinating....Make him your intercessor and see what happens.. :)