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  • [quote author=Zoxsasi link=topic=14267.msg163355#msg163355 date=1361122034] was the guy who killed those 2 men (and behaded them) mentally ill? Did they find out yet why he did this? Its ironic that Egyptians seem to leave Egypt to escape persecuti…
  • I was working in a town named after immigrants from Hungary, Esterhazy. I remember seeing an Orthodox church.  The first Lebanese people touched down in Saskatchewan sometimes in the 1940s. NO doubt there are Egyptians out there, Saskatchewan has…
  • Well they neglect the Armenian genocide as well, just to appease their Turkish interests.  They neglected the Palestinian Christians, the Lebanese Christians, the Iraqi Christians who were all but cleansed at the helm of Islamist extremists.  The di…
  • Very warm of you mabsoota :) I am interested in the situation of the Coptics and Christians of the Mideast in general.  I see this is a spiritual forum more then a political one, which it doesn't really seem to be at all, but I have enjoyed readi…
  • [quote author=guy link=topic=14281.msg163424#msg163424 date=1361345233] My beloved Bro Chris, Im soo happy to see you, if you don't mind telling me where you live, so i can find you a priest to talk to you more about the coptic church. T…