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  • Thank you Mabsoota!
  • Can someone explain me are Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church (Paulose II) and Jacobite Syrian Christian Church (Thomas I) in communion with Coptic Church? If yes, why we have two Malankara churches in the same area?
  • Television of Serbian Patriarchate
  • Why Tigray from Eritrea wanted separation from Tigray in Ethiopia? Was not better to be in one state?
  • Do heads of Churches in communion with Coptic Patriarchate have some synaxis (council, meeting) from time to time? Coptic, Armenian, Malankara, Syriac, Ethiopian... Did all of the patriarchs served the Liturgy together in last decades?
  •  Here you go. Thank you!
  • Thank you Remnkemi!
  • How many Coptic bishops exist in the world? Is there any link with list of names and sees?
  • Hello dear Mabsoota, Well... when the forum change the system I could not log any more, I don't know why. These days I try again and manage to log in. Now... too many new discussions wait to read them : )
  • This Christmas started first Serbian Orthodox TV ever:
  • What is FOC?
  • The Serbian People as a servant of God by Saint Bishop Nikolai Velimirovich
  • The Slavs (Russians, Poles, Czechs, Slovaks, Slovenians, Croats, Serbs and Bulgarinas) were in the 9th century, when we recieved Christianity, one nation. We were not divided like nowdays. Have in mind that Romanians are NOT Slavs. The enlighters …
  • [quote author=PopeKyrillos link=topic=13966.msg165035#msg165035 date=1370917960] and the feast is fixed on August 22nd. The rules for this fast are the same as the Nativity and Apostle's fast which consist of no meat or dairy, and no fish on wednesd…
  • [quote author=PopeKyrillos link=topic=14056.msg165034#msg165034 date=1370917023] These videos seem identical to me [/quote] You are right  :'(
  • Communique of the Holy Assembly of Bishops of the Serbian Orthodox Church Held in Belgrade and Nis May 21 – June 3, 2013
  • [quote author=mabsoota link=topic=13966.msg164683#msg164683 date=1369085225] we have the same fasts [/quote] Do Copts have Dormition fast? I read that this fast is established i…
  • Traditional Serbian folk song about some girl who loves some Theodore. Tsveche tsafnalo, nine, u nasha gradina, Tsveche tsafnalo, nine moy, u nasha gradina, Kak da kaydishem, male, da ga odkasnem? Zhaun…
  • Wonderful chanting.
    in Hos Erouf Comment by Servos June 2013
  • [quote author=imikhail link=topic=14452.msg164978#msg164978 date=1370544143] How do we know which is which? [/quote] We listen the Church.
  • [quote author=ShareTheLord link=topic=14452.msg164884#msg164884 date=1369939620] but has ALWAYS been a sign of consecration. [/quote] No, it is part of OUR tradition in the East. Other Christian priests was ALWAYS without beard, in the West. But i…
  • I googled a little bit Coptic icons. How much I can see all apostles and saints, including Christ, are with short beard. Just desert monks have a long one. http:…
  • [quote author=ShareTheLord link=topic=14452.msg164880#msg164880 date=1369937067] Why have a beard at all then? [/quote] It is a tradition. Not dogma.
  • I like when priests and monks have a short beard. They represent our Church and should be tidy and neat. In middle ages all males had a beard. That was such a time. It is not a dogma but custom.
  • [quote author=minasoliman link=topic=13966.msg164690#msg164690 date=1369096751] Actually, I think both your church and our Church fast 55 days, but we have different fasting rules.  You have something called "Cheesefare Week".  In the Coptic Church,…
  • [quote author=mabsoota link=topic=13966.msg164683#msg164683 date=1369085225] we have the same fasts, but if someone is a new convert, or still in school, or has medical conditions then they fast differently. [/quote] The same here. Too young, too o…
  • Thank you Mabsoota, Just one clarification, you said: [quote author=mabsoota link=topic=13966.msg164660#msg164660 date=1368998534] we just have to keep the fasts our priest says to [/quote] Did you mean to keep the fast Church says to? Or priests…
  • How often do take Communion Coptic believers who attend the Liturgy every Sunday and fasting all fasts? In Serbia we have two practice. One part of believers take Communion every Sunday. Second part take Communion only in fasting periods. If they w…