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mina zaki


mina zaki
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  • here is the class in mp3…
  • Thank you so so much MR.Wagdi  :)
  • [quote author=coptic pharaoh link=topic=8140.msg104382#msg104382 date=1246516900] sorry, when i posted it, it was a response to Bigee...    i heard the Watos one before... not sure where  the recprding is... i found it before.... i will try and look…
  • [quote author=user00 link=topic=8140.msg104362#msg104362 date=1246462133] Can you post a link for where I can download the Adam recording you have (website you got it on or upload it from your computer)? Thanks [/quote] peace of christ, coptic p…
  • thank you Tishori so much God bless you
  • By the way, when i said the coptic keyboard i don't mean the keyboard that i am typing with is the problem the problem is when i added the "coptic keyboard" to the language setting in my control panel options , i started to use the the coptic in my …
  • thanks Tεκcoνι μέσα Πεχριcτoc  for your reply the problem is not the coptic fonts .. the problem is the keyboard like i can read the coptic texts because of the coptic fonts that i have downloaded but i can't type in coptic ... i can copy texts an…
  • here is kiahk lessons, but it is not all the hymns
  • the annual tasbeha
  • all the tasbeha hymns it is like 12 hours because he is teaching live each hymn.. i am sorry for my english i am not good in english
  • yea its a great idea like i have lessons for cantor gad lewis of the midnight praise like 12 hours  ;) teaching word by word.... if we can do that i can upload this lessons here
  • good idea... i can read coptic but so slow and i want to read faster i support your idea
  • i found these two Ana Bekey batshaf3 for St.Mary +++++++++++ ava antonios…
  • is that what u r looking for
  • very good idea
  • يسوع طول عمره بينادى خالى بالكم يا أولادى دا الشيطان واقف على بابى يسرق نعمتكوا يا احبابى بعد التناول مستنى يسرق منكم نعمة ربى فا يا ريت تطلب تملى يا يسوع خالى بالك منى و انت واقف بتصلى يجى الشيطان و يخلى عقلك فى اللى نسيته يفكر تبقى صلاتك من غير…