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  • Yes, it is a serious rank. It just seems odd the Eastern Orthodox have more of them. I was thinking the reason behind that was because in their churches, the deacon (full rank) and archdeacons are needed in the liturgies and other church-related p…
  • Okay, honestly, aside from religion for a moment, would anyone really want to marry their cousin? I mean, honestly people...
  • Aside from any offenses being thrown around, I would like to make a correction to what Mark said earlier. The fact is, the church does not approve of cousin marriage per say, but due to unfortunate circumstances (i.e. Muslims forcing Copts into mar…
  • Hmm, what would keep me from marrying my cousin? Let's count the ways, shall we? I would have to first say genetics. I don't want to increase the chances of producing dysfunctions in my children. Second, for personal shame. Our forefathers prac…
  • Peace and love my fellow Egyptian brothers and sisters. On this topic, I would like to say that I personally believe it is an incorrect practice that is no longer needed. In the past, due to Arab invasion and so forth, our forefathers resorted to …