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  • Hi all, I want to wish u all good luck with your study and wishing u all also a great future...
  • Ow my God If feel myself in a big hospital here heheh ;D Between all the doctors... Rabbena ywafa2kom kollokom :)
  • Yes me too agree leave everything from your hands and leave God doing everything for you...and be sure that God will do the best...
  • Just choose the right friends. Don't make friends with anyone you meet but select just those who are worth to be a friend of you. Think well about this because influence from bad or wrong friends can be very very big. God be with you. Amira
  • Welcome Michael from some weeks I was also new and really u will like it here u will feel that you are between you friends and family. Amira
  • Just want to tell you balash tasha2om and pray to God, try to be more close to God and read the bible and you will have a great feeling. Just put in your mind that there is nothing in this world which is more important than beeing close to God. Try …
  • Yes me also agree and I feel that there are a lot of things I don't know about them and what happened between them to let something like this happen. I don't have anything to say except of God be with them. Thanks for you replay Mary Amira
  • I have lived in Alex till I became 5 years, and after that till now I live in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. So I am now 13 years in Amsterdam Amira
  • Thank you to everyone for the replies and I had really hoped that everyting becomes okay between them again but I think I can forget that now because I've heard that he is gonna marry her the coming summer and that he is going to Egypte next month 3…
  • [quote author=Hizz_chiilld link=board=10;threadid=4520;start=0#msg62165 date=1161009254] how can it be a stupid reason if you dont know it ? the church only [should only] accept divorce in very severe cases such as adultery and denial of christ. I…
  • If you want to tune in: Sat.: Telstar 12 (15°W) Freq.: 12608.5 MHz Pol.: Horizontal Symbol Rate: 19.279 FEC: 2/3 Best wishes, Amira
  • Hi here you can watch Aghaby TV live on the internet: Click on this link:
  • Sure it is not wrong it is a great mark of being a christian. I will tell you something. I am living in HOlland here and they look at all the dark-heared people as marrocans or simply moslims. And by wearing a cross I can seperate myself from those …
  • [quote author=why link=board=6;threadid=4424;start=0#msg60996 date=1158659424] Welcome.. butiful pic.. hope ur a member for life :) i like that phrase [/quote] Nice phrase w insha2allah I will be a member for life :) Amira
  • Hi Monica I like it also to be a new member of a great forum like this. And also nice to know you! Your picture is also great great great really I love them soo much!(bentbabayasoo3) Best wishes Amira
  • I want to thank you all for your nice replies, really I am feeling myself between my family here. And thank you Mira for your nice reply too and I am also very happy to know you and all the other memebers of this great community. Me also like the n…